Accord Of Ennis

The Accord of Ennis was a treaty signed in 92 HC in the city of Ennis that granted sovereignty to the Kingdom of Sigard under King Lander. Lander was the warchief of Forthest, and when he was called to face the zealot Vodon he joined his own forces with the rebel vagrants and marched south to take control of the lands around Ennis where other vagrants had already gathered. Here Vodon and Lander gathered the leaders of the vagrant communities and proposed that they secede from Reddown and form their own Kingdom. After Vodon died thanks to some badly spoiled wine there was no competition for Lander for the post of King of Highdunn, and so the Accord of Ennis pledged the loyalty of all of the vagrant communities to Lander, and announced the birth of the nation of Sigard, then occupying the land between Ennis and modern day Lierkist.