Adrien Peran

Lord Adrien Peran is the official emissary of the Earls' Council to the court of Highdunn, currently in custody in Fort Rotheron for his suspected involvement in the disappearance of Serina Reise. A youth, merely in his middle twenties, Peran has his lofty position as preparation for a greater role at home one day under his cousin Sedric Daultin. The position of emissary to Highdunn has seldom been an important one to the Earls Council, and so Sedric and his predecessors have been free to use the role as a sort of training ground for their ruling bureaucrats and diplomats, and Peran has spent the better part of three years heading up a small staff with little more than perfunctory paperwork, and making his presence known, but not felt, at court in Thairon.


Lord Peran is a slight man with dark lanky hair and a neatly trimmed beard. His eyes are a little sunken, but his features fair enough and his movements graceful. He takes special pride in long slender fingers of uncanny dexterity that have made him an excellent musician, and his singing voice, a rich alto, is as fine as his mandolin. Adrien has a slight stoop from hours habitually hunched at his desk, but her periodically rights this in order to prevent it from permanently warping his back. He tends to dress in lightweight gowns, always with a touch of red to denote his position as emissary, and a floppy cap, and is found of velvet when he can get his hands on it. Since his imprisonment his cheeks have become sunken and his face drawn from fear that the executioner's axe awaits him, despite having been kept in a manner befitting a foreign dignitary.


Most people would describe Lord Peran as a typical diplomat, he is careful with his words, largely unassuming but imperious enough to keep his staff and his inferiors in check. Seldom truly sycophantic he is suitably demure in the presence of his superiors, and is keenly aware of exactly his position withing the social structure of both Highdunn and Reddown. Adrien is not given to anger, and tend to play his cards close to his chest when it comes to emotions, and given that it is generally understood that an emissary also doubles as a spy he is equally spare with any information he has, tending to prefer to defer any questions by couching his answers in lengthy and ultimately evasive language.


Adrien was born into the treasury of Reddown in Daultin, but with no specific skill for numbers, and proving a better administrator he was quickly earmarked as a diplomat in the service of the council rather than a bean counter, and he seems to have made the most of this career shift, because the position he holds is a lucritive and prestigious one despite a lack of real power. It has been suggested in Proudmoore that he is being groomed for something even greater, perhaps the post of spymaster or that of a ranking secretary, perhaps even chief secretary. Whatever the case until his imprisonment Peran's future was far brighter than his past. Awarded the Highdunner title 'Lord' upon his appointment, he now enjoys this affectation far more than the lack of formal title he has in Reddown, but he has no lands to go with the title, his wealth existing mostly in coin and influence.


Until recent events Peran was welcome, if largely overlooked at the court of Thairon, and while Eldin Reise has little patience for diplomacy his Queen Ellen had dealt cordially with Peran on a regular basis. He had some contacts with Serina Reise, though never more than aiding her tutors in the matter of a few lessons with his superior knowledge of the political intricacies of his homeland. Peran is well connected in Reddown, primarily thanks to his relation to the Earl of Galastry, but also to a number of fellow mid-level bureaucrats, especially amongst the treasury of Reddown. In fact it is possible that Peran may have been a spy in the court of Highdunn, and it may be this rather than mere blood that has caused Sedric to so firmly campaign for Peran's release. He is unmarried, without child, and his only immediate family is a sister married to the Doge of Fairdunn.


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