Adrius Half-Haedr

The man-giant Adrius earned the moniker 'Half-Haedr' for his dark features and sheer size, but in truth his heritage is part Haedrasian, and he combines this bloodline with being a generally large specimen of that proud race. His sheer sizer has meant that men have always wanted to prove themselves against Adrius, and he is generally happy to oblige.


The son of the liaison of a Haedrasian diplomat and a low class Tohler whore, Adrius is immense amongst the Ral, and quite striking and unique. His eyes are a deep amber, his skin the cocoa colour of his fathers, his hair jet and worn in short, tight braids. His features a combination of the blunt Haedrasian and the aquiline Ralstaan, giving him a broad jaw but high, fine cheeks. At least a full head and a half taller and two hands broader than the Ralastaans around him and easily more muscular.


Adrius has never been a motivated individual, he has great potential, but has never found anything to really devote himself to, and thus he has tended to drift. In his later years he has moved away from the consulate and now works exclusively on the streets, where, since his mother’s death, he has proven to be a very valuable commodity at brothels and taverns all over the western side of Tohl. Adrius is well known and liked, despite a brutal bluntness, mostly by those who know not to cross him, but he has enough men with something to prove at his back that he has been forced to attach himself to a group so that he can relax in more recent years. Band’s is the second such group he’s worked with, and since they don’t ask anything too overtly criminal of him he’s happy to stay.


Brought up in a whore house in Brooke Moore, just outside the inner city, Adrius’ mother was very conscious of her son’s mixed heritage, and made absolutely sure that he had every opportunity to learn about both his heritages by organizing him a job as a servant at the Imperatry consulate where he learned a little of his father’s tongue as well as being a preferred sparring partner of many of the ranking soldiery there. He helped upkeep their weapons, wrestled with them, and learned a smattering of the great warrior culture that was his ancestry while working on the door of the establishment his mother worked in at nights, where he got a more practical education in the harder side of The City.


Adrius is conspicuous, even in a city like Tohl, and so he is moderately well known in Ravvh. Generally polite and personable, Adrius is well liked by the regular patrons of the establishments where he works, but he has formed a bond with Madrine, a close friend of his mother Mae's, and he thinks of her like a favourite aunt, and she in turn has a fondness for him. Both of his associates Kell and Bassa are also seldom out of the big man's company, the former worships the ground he treads and the latter has a special bond with Adrius that neither can entirely explain. Adrius also still has a few contacts at the Imperatry Consulate in Broadstreet, though he has never thought approach them for a favour, and probably wouldn't have much luck if he did.

Of course, men like Adrius have enemies, especially in his line of work. The local house gang, Derelle allies, have a particular beef with the giant, and will make trouble for him whenever they can. Their leader, a mean sort named Danek, takes pleasure in sending his bloods to go and brawl with Adrius, knowing that he'll test the big bouncers patience, and his new initiates will receive a few broken noses and black eyes as welcoming presents.


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Character Traits

Half a Man (2)

Even in a city such as Tohl, Adrius stands out. So striking a blend of his two people is the giant, and so powerful and titanic would he be even amongst the warrior-Haedrasians, that one cannot help but be awed and fascinated by his enormity and presence. While this has made many a girl swoon, and a man goggle as he passes, it has never let him blend into a crowd.

Gentle Giant (1)

Through a life of being larger than all around him, bigger than doorways, than people, than tools and furnishings, Adrius has learned a gentle and cautious touch, and though he must often manhandle men he is always cautious not to break when he need only bruise. Such habits mean he is not so clumsy as he might appear, but they die hard when it comes time to truly hurt a man.