Aed Uth-Slaine

The last Uth-Slaine King of Kovarth in the province of Avalaigh in Ralstaa. Aed Uth-Slaine (1048 to 1103 D) was a decorated and successful knight and a fine King, however he was overcome and killed by the superior force of the King of Tarabat Holt Uth-Lewen along with the entire royal line of House Slaine.

Early Years (1048-1064 D)

Aed was born the first son within the reign of his father Morvein, with two elder brothers and three elder sisters. He was acclaimed heir by his father upon his birth, and was promised for service upon his twelfth birthday as is customary in the High Kingdom. Trained in statecraft, and shown the import of his home for trade in the region, and to keep the Kove Pass clear. A few months before his twelfth birthday, when Aed was making ready to depart for the City of Lights a war broke out all over Avalaigh. Friction between the two great houses of Avalaigh, House Avalaigh-Foerd and House Valent came to a head and both the route north and the route to the sea from Kovarth were cut off. House Slaine devoted their forces to their cousins in House Avalaigh-Foerd and marched north up the edge of the mountains, and Aed was left home to try to help his elder brothers where he could. It would be a further four years before the land was safe enough that Aed could be sent north to Tohl.

Service and Errantry (1064-4029 D)

Once he reached the City of Lights Aed found himself considerably older and stronger than his peers, and so he was sent to train with the older squires, who were much more experienced than he. A ruire's lot is a hard one, but for Aed it was worse, and he nursed a number of severe injuries near daily. However this evidently built character as he was invited to initiate into the Acarian order early. Returning to train in the Canonate Aed was a full ruire by twenty-four and served for a further five years with an older Selaerin knight named Raen Bittershade. During their time together Raen and Aed were very mobile, the two men travelled much of the Knives following reports of shadow-gates. Aed Uth-Slaine is credited with encountering two confirmed shadow gates during this period, so either he or Raen were evidently very talented at identifying such things, as this could represent a career's worth for other members of the order. After five years word reached Aed that Morvein was on his deathbed, and he hurried home.

Coronation, Heirs and Conflicts (1075-1101 D)

Aed returned to Kovarth a week after his father's death. He was crowned and married to the young daughter of House Shee of Kovarth named Kara on the same day, and began the business of administering his domain and producing heirs. His first son Balen was conceived on the night of his wedding and then on Balen's second birthday a series of large-scale skirmishes began with Valentis over a piece of territory on the edge of the Avalaigh mountain range known as the Spearmarch Range. These two events set up a pattern that would characterize Aed's reign, with the King having great success in a series of intermittent small-scale wars and equally great success fathering a family.

After repelling Valentis' forces from the conflicted boarder town of Marnae, Aed fathered his second son Lot in 1082 and a daughter named Clarine in 1084 before Valentis again began to send forays into Kovarth's territory. This time Gunnar Uth-Lewen, the King of Tarabat threw his lot in with the army of Valentis in the hope of seizing Kove Pass. King Valent used this attack as a decoy to probe deep into Kovarth's territory, and reclaim Marnae. After a brief skirmish proved Kove Pass too well fortified for direct attack, Tarabat retreated in and effort to instead circle around Lake Camar and attack Kovarth from behind, however his army became bogged down in the marshes, allowing Aed to focus on Valentis, whom he again repelled.

A year later in 1086 Peter, a third son, was born and Aed was called to aid his old ally in Avalaigh against an offensive Valentis had launched against them. Never one to commit to all out war, the first Lion of Valentis had been raiding along the Avalaigh boarder, in response to which Avalaigh had marched a full scale attack at Caer Valentgard and been easily surrounded by the King. Aed rode north to break the flanking force and allow Avalaigh's force to escape their predicament. However what seemed like a simple campaign would turn into intermittent fighting for the next six years, and Aed never felt he could abandon his boarder outpost at Caer Paravon safely, and so shifted his entire court there. In 1085 his last son Band was born in Caer Paravon while his father was away commanding a repelling force.

In 1101 Holt Uth-Lewen became King of Tarabat. Holt was a far more militarily minded King and seeing where his father had failed saw the opportunity to finally take control of Kove Pass, and divert the Lammornian Highway away from Kovarth again by closing the pass.

The Battle of Kove Pass (YED 1102 D)

Once his scouts reported the approach of a large Tarabat force down the pass Aed realized that his fortification on the east end of the pass must have fallen, and as quickly as he could he marched south. Aed managed to meet Tarabat's force in a bottleneck in the pass so that the greater numbers of the enemy King's army wouldn't be an advantage, but Holt, knowing that withdrawing a way up the pass wouldn't draw out his enemy, but merely give him time to marshal more forces, ploughed into the Kovarth forces with all the blunt force he could muster, even leading the army himself. In the heat of battle the two Kings met, and the fight between the two was brief, but costly on both sides. Aed cleaved his opponent's shield in two, severing a part of the hand beneath, but in return the much larger man hammered Aed's shield until the King of Kovarth's left leg and arm were shattered. Then the heat of battle swept the men apart. By the end of the day the Kovarth archers had lapped the mountains above the pass and the forces of Tarabat withdrew licking their wounds, but Aed Uth-Slaine was borne home on his shield, bloodied and battered where chirurgeon were unsure whether or not he would live.

Death (1103 D)

Aed did recover however, though he could certainly never fight again, and the King began to make preparations for his children, and to that end began to move his court to the City of Lights in the summer as is the custom for many Ralstaan Kings. While returning from his summer court in Tohl in 1103 D, Aed and his family met an ambush on the boarders of Bradenthyr led by agents of Holt Uth-Lewen of Tarabat. After a savage but short fight the royal line of Kovarth lay dead while the bulk of the armies of Tarabat marched on the city-state of Kovarth.