Aedin Uth-Voere

The most prominent of the petty officials of Cannavin is the Lord Mayor of Canneton, Aedin Uth-Voere, cousin to the line whose proud name he bears. Canneton is certainly more a city than a town, though it's remote location has stunted its growth compared to the sprawling metropolises to the south, so Aedin's position is a lofty one indeed. His task is to mediate between the various monarchs of Cannavin, and ensure that his city is a safe and neutral place to meet, even in times of war between the noble houses of Cannavin.


A broad shouldered man with receding hair and a crooked nose, broken in several places, few traders or envoys can forget that they are in the presence of a man of violence, who once earned his living taking scalps from bandits and raiders along the High King's highways as a road warden, though his fine clothes and courtly manners try to hide this fact.


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