Ahlonian Directors Resources

A Director can't plan every little detail of an episode, and indeed who'd want to? Spontaneity and the unexpected are often the most enjoyable and memorable aspect of any RPG. But sometimes when you're put on the spot it's hard to keep the right feel and still keep the story running, so below are a few resources for the Director who wants to keep a game running and still make a decision that fits the tone and scale of his game. In addition each setting needs its own specific rules that make it distinct from other settings, most commonly in the form of profession and equipment lists specific to each setting. So included here are those vital rule aspects for playing in Ahlonia, in addition to a few resources that let a Director keep things running and interesting without always having to rely on his initiative.

The setting-specific Professions, Prices, Equipment and Amenities lists for Ahlonia are all open to both Players and Directors.

For the benefit of Directors you will also find some sample Series Loglines for Directors finding it tough to come up with a new idea for a series. A list of Random Encounters for when you want to spice up otherwise boring travel from place to place. A Supporting Cast Generator for when you need a Supporting Character who's more real and interesting than just another peasant. And a Small Settlement Generator because you can't plan for every place a player will want to go, and sometimes you just can't be bothered.

There are also six sample Ahlonian characters whom players may adopt, or Directors can use as Auxiliary Characters, complete with descriptions and statistics premade. These are Kingsown warrior Calum Garrow, his servant Henric Ansell, deserter Pieter Mardok, tracker Baran Stowe, professional muleskinner Shannon Coven and the cutpurse Callis.

Of course it should go without saying that these Director's tools are assets, not rules, and no Director should feel bound by them at all. Use them as inspiration, try not to repeat things unrealistically, and above all make the rules tools of your story, not rulers of the game. Story always trumps rules, and rules only exist to maintain consistency and risk.

21 Loglines for a Series Based in Ahlonia

Sometimes it's hard to come up with an original or interesting character or story. If you're stuck for ideas below are 21 diverse plots or the kinds of characters and stories that might suit Ahlonia. Feel free to use these as seeds for your own ideas, mix them up, or just use them as is to create great, memorable series in the isolates subcontinent of Ahlonia.

  • A group of Kings Own are tasked with finding Princess Serina.
  • A gifted traveler's powers begin to manifest.
  • A Church Warrior poses as a missionary to infiltrate a Grunite cell.
  • A Navigator defects from the guild, or is sent after a defector.
  • A Highdunn nobleman, fascinated with the tales of Martel Baldardun, tries to follow his footsteps.
  • A Roughrider hunts the giant that killed his family.
  • A servant at Castle Proudmoore sees something he shouldn't and must flee for his life.
  • A T'Ovari spy is sent to Lierkist.
  • A Marratharn soldier is sent on a scouting missions deep into the Forest.
  • A foreigner is found on a small vessel beached in northern Ahlonia, with no memory of who he is.
  • An assassin is sent after Aril Kiristforth.
  • A traveller emerges from the mists of Mierellia centuries after he entered, believing that only a single night has passed.
  • A Whitehale rebel seeks to topple the White family.
  • A Diounic initiate is sent to find the Well of Adima.
  • A commoner receives a vision of Aliel giving him a quest.
  • A traveler in Maethas accidentally stumbles into the halls under the Giantspine.
  • A Reddown steader finds himself at the heart of Council intrigue.
  • A Lierkist watchman seeks a cruel murderer.
  • A boy must seek a cure for a dire plague that has overtake his isolated hometown.
  • A Cavalier is sent to establish a settlement on the Forest Way.
  • A common labourer loses his beautiful fiance to a cruel steader.