Ahlonian Professions

Below is a list of Professions found in Ahlonia linking to the rules for adopting these professions for a character. While this list is extensive to the point of exhaustiveness it is not, and nor will it ever be likely to be, complete. But before attempting to make additions read the setting and other professions carefully. You may well find that the names given below are misleading, or more extensive than they might appear at a glance and, more importantly, no setting in the Darkrealm is quite the same as the real world. Landsmen in Allornus can't do everything they did in the real middle ages, and many omissions have been made for good reason.

The table below lists the two common player races of Ahlonia, those who both have cultural bastions within the setting - namely Landsmen and Goblyns. Other races such as the Siele or Giants have simpler cultures and only exist in small cells. When reading the table below assume that the frequency entries have the following meanings: Very Common Professions are those which entire communities can be founded on, and in an appropriate community (Fishermen are hardly likely to be found in the heart of the Roughlands) there are likely to be countless people adhering to this Profession. Common Professions are those essential to a community, but needed in smaller numbers, and even in a small village one might expect to find one individual of this profession, while larger settlements will have several. Rare Professions are not found in every settlement, and can either be found singly or in small groups in large settlements, or only in areas where their specific skillset is directly applicable. Very Rare Professions are those that are highly specialized and, perhaps not coincidentally, highly valued. While groups of these individuals might be mobile there are seldom more than a handful even in major cities. Extremely Rare Professions are usually either extremely skilled, or not of much use to society at large, but because there are so few of these individuals they are usually in high demand regardless of which is true. Many (such as Navigators) belong to secretive orders who actively persecute any practitioners who do not adhere to their guild structure.

A few Ahlonian Professions deserve specific explanation. Sailors and Marines are an extreme rarity except along the southern coast. Only the Sigard Royal Navy trains these skills, and landsmen have a general fear of the sea, and an inability to move out of sight of the coast without a Navigator on board. The Royal Navy sinks any Ahlonian vessels not flying their colours, so private mariners are all but unknown. Within the navy Marines are far more common than pure Sailors. Similarly landsmen will not pass beneath the earth, and so have no knowledge of mining at all. Sorcerers are the students of the High Warlock, and excluding the Warlock himself there are only five currently on Ahlonia - Ahlonia has no other magician profession, much like many other settings in Allornus. Finally the church is made up predominantly by monks and seers, with the bulk of the region's healers existing in the Order of the Living Heart and only the upper echelons being made up of churchmen.

category sub-category landsman professions goblyn professions
Agriculture Farmer
Artist Visual Art
Literary Art
Craftsman Common
Armorer or Weaponsmith
Entertainer Musician
Government Bureaucracy
Law Enforcement
Military Soldier
Siege Engineer
Camp Follower
Religion Diounic
Service Industry Common