Air is the element of space and distance, born when Fire met Earth, it is the energy that formed a space between the warring earth and fire, and defined space, it can be dangerous but also a nourishing energy, one of flux like fire, but manifesting permanently like earth.

Air In The World

Air is ever present, but seldom percieved in the world. It is seen in the form of mist, fog and smoke, but it is all around, going everywhere that earth and water do not claim. As a result it is possibly the most commonly occurring element alongside earth. Mortals must draw air into their bodies with their breath in order to move through the world - and indeed to continue to live. All things insubstantial and vaporous are the stuff of air.

Air In Alchemy

Air is hard to capture, harder to store, and since substances with a primary property of air tend to be gaseous in nature these are very seldom called for in alchemical formulae, simply due to the difficulty of obtaining air-based ingredients. Air contains the energy of motion, and of place. When these powers can be harnessed they are usually used in potions that slow the flow of blood, or bring on sleep, as well as air being a notable primary element in the manufacture of the drug known in Ralstaa as The Cloud. Sometimes potions are vaporized when consumed, generally causing them to take on a secondary element of air.

Air In Channeling

Those who channel air often find that its powers strength waxes and wanes suddenly and without warning, but never ever relent. The forces of air are often used for movement, to speed or slow motion, but also harnesses the mighty powers of the wind, and can allow a channeler to perform mighty feats like flight. Fog and smoke can be summoned to obscure or even to choke others, and it is whispered that ancient spells exist that allow a channeler to become insubstantial and vaporous, or to travel from one place to another instantaneously.

The Gift of Air

The Gift of Air is one of the more subtle, indeed the gifted seldom displays quite the longevity of the other gifted. They tend not to be so affected by choking gas, not so blinded by thick fog, and are lighter of step as if buoyed upon the wind. Air is a subtle power, and when searching out its gift one generally looks for a flightiness of personality, and a burning need to travel and see the world in the gifted of air. The more powerful however have been known to manifest the ability to levitate off the ground, great speed, the ability to travel from one place to another in impossibly short times, and even a form that is as insubstantial as mist.

The Elemental Wheel

Air neighbours earth and light on the wheel, where it borders earth is known as the energy of breath, and is largely energy that is restorative and sustaining. The border with light is called day, and is the energy that sustains the rest of the world, the energy of wakefulness, alertness and perception. Air opposes life, elemental life is the energy of free will, standing against the gales of the air, resisting the perpetual motion of the world, or even moving against it with the power of choice.