Allorn Timeline
century (KS) age year (KS) historical events year (KS) technological advances
0 KS Age of Creation 0 KS Creation of the world, Fate is born, time begins to flow 100 KS
200 KS
300 KS
400 KS
500 KS
600 KS
700 KS
800 KS
900 KS
1000 KS Age of Awakening c. 1000 KS End of the elemental wars
1100 KS
1200 KS c. 1200 KS The first changelings appear
1300 KS
1400 KS
1500 KS
1600 KS
1700 KS c. 1700 KS Fire and cooking
1800 KS c. 1800 KS Divination, domestic animals
1900 KS c. 1900 KS Early shelter construction
2000 KS Age of Mortals c. 2000 KS Spear, flax weaving, rope
2100 KS c. 2100 KS The myr all have their shapes c. 2100 KS Early agriculture, sewing
2200 KS c. 2200 KS Bow and arrow
2300 KS c. 2300 KS The race of men is given divhi c. 2300 KS Boats, fish-hooks, leather
c. 2350 KS The wastelands war begins c. 2360 KS Sailing (Mariners)
2400 KS c. 2400 KS Kiln, pottery, early alchemy
2500 KS Age of Bliss c. 2530 KS Founding of the Matzan Empire c. 2500 KS Organized religion, writing
2600 KS c. 2600 KS Lacquer, the wheel, saddle
2700 KS c. 2700 KS Wheelbarrow, irrigation
2800 KS c. 2800 KS Sailing, stirrups
2900 KS c. 2900 KS Bronze, catapult, paved roads
3000 KS Age of Sundering 3001 KS1 The death of Nofus, the sundering begins
3012 KS Exodus from the Isle of Men begins
3014 KS The Mariners' descent begins
3038 KS The Malorn Odyssey begins
3050 KS The first wave of Iri leave Iria
3100 KS 3101 KS The Isle of Men is unmade c. 3100 KS Early alchemy
3118 KS The Taruun disappear from the world
3190 KS1 The sundering ends
3200 KS 3226 KS The Unchallenged City is founded c. 3200 KS Papyrus, crane, blast furnace
3300 KS 3382 KS The Lizard wars commence c. 3300 KS Arch bridge, buttress dam
3391 KS The second wave of Iri leave Iria
3400 KS 3458 KS The Lausian uprising, exile of Haedrasian heirs begins c. 3400 KS Trebuchet, water wheel
3500 KS Age of Descent 3520 KS The Lizard wars end, the Battlewaite is born c. 3500 KS Cast iron, canal lock
3600 KS 3694 KS Ralstaan knights rediscover Ahlonia c. 3600 KS Playing cards, sword, silk
3700 KS 3721 KS Siele Wars commence c, 3700 KS Aqueduct, lanteen sail, crank
3750 KS Wrought iron
3800 KS 3820 KS Horse collar
3900 KS 3913 KS Ghanda's death c. 3900 KS Porcelain, glass, mail, steel
3981 KS Casador's betrayal of the Malorns
4000 KS Age of Legend 4031 KS Rallah and Irik ascend to the skies 4006 KS Currency (Iria)
4100 KS 4126 KS Crossbow (Haedrasia)
4200 KS 4230 KS Collapse of Ralstaa 4215 KS Drak Fire (Maldaakore)
4300 KS
4400 KS 4402 KS Dry dock (Iria)
4412 KS Paper (Ghan Duchies)
4500 KS Age of Ascent 4590 KS Founding of the Magocracy
4600 KS 4676 KS The Mhulak return, the Magocracy falls 4620 KS Blackpowder (Haedrasia)
4700 KS 4740 KS Defeat of the Vargor by the Ghans
4780 KS Arumthar's breaking
4800 KS 4870 KS The war of the Karda begins 4841 KS Banking (Iria)
4890 KS Viran Uth-Rallis reunifies Ralstaa
4900 KS 4962 KS Plate armour (Ralstaa)
5000 KS Age of Legacy 5020 KS Division of the Ghans
5108 KS Emergence of the one true faith in Nardaan
5145 KS present day

region notation name KS conversion current year inception
Old Allornus KS Kelorn Sept +0 5145 KS creation of the world
Ahlonia HC Hanna's Count -3663 1482 HC Hanna's birth
Iria and Ralstaa D Departure -4031 1114 D Irik and Rallah's ascent
Ghan Duchies GR Ghanda's Rest -3913 GR 1232 Ghanda's death
Haedrasia YED Year of the Earthly Divhi -3226 YED 1919 Founding of the Unchallenged City
Maldaakore and Nardaan YAM Years After Malar -3050 2095 YAM Malar's departure
Other Parts by age by age -5000 145 Legacy restarts count every age

1 Though the Kelorn Count marks the sundering as taking place between 3001 KS and 3190 KS, it is well documented that massive discrepancies exist in counting the years during this period. Some count the sundering as lasting several centuries, and other considerably less than the 190 years accounted for by the count, some as little as nine years. Most agree that this is due to the loss of reliable history during the era, but others postulate that the flow of time was broken when the world was, and flowed at different speeds from place to place, as stories say it still does in the deep wilds of the world. This seems fantastical and unlikely to most.