Allornus is the world, around it the sea stretches forever in all directions, uninhabited islands beyond the range of the sun and the sight of the moons sit in eternal night, but here there is day, here there is light, here the Divh can see and chose to place their creations. Allornus is a super-continent at the very centre of the world of the Darkrealm. It is the cradle of all life and civilization. Divided into eleven major regions, little is known of the western coast of Allornus beyond the Battlewaite. Ahlonia and Nardaan are sub-continents, children to Allornus, but still part of the whole. It is a land of extreme contrast, one of conflict, and of danger. Ranging from towering mountains, to boiling seas, from verdant forests to desolate wastes. It is home to all of the creations of the Divh.

This is the world of the Darkrealm.

The Continent of Allornus, Isle of Beasts
Ahlonia Isle, Shattered Empire, Knives of Rallah, Ancient Duchies, Bear Tundra, Lands of Chill, Imperatry Plains, Southlands, Inner Sea Basin, Unholy Wastes, Fringe Nations
The Battlewaite, The Eternal Seas, The Nightmare Lands, The Vast Unknown