Alvin Roen

Alvin Roen, the Goblyn Slayer, a living legend of the Isle. At the sight of his banner entire tribes have fled the field. At the mention of his name men draw sharp breath and at the sound grown men fall upon their knees and cast their eyes to the ground. The goblyns of The Forest quake at the mere mention of the man they call Kashar Kar, or "death-hands". All kinds of legends circulate around the military and martial prowess of the Earl of Roen and he does little to either confirm or deny the factuality of the rumours that float around his person, but few men deny that he is one of the most fearsome and feared warriors on the Isle today, and also one of the most respected and talented animal breeders too.


Alvin is a tall man, broad but not big, he remains extremely fast and seemingly tireless. His features are angular and strong, his gaze intense and his jaw unbudging. He wears his glossy black hair at shoulder length and loose and his long, well trimmed moustaches frame a hard, pitiless mouth. Alvin is seldom if ever without a leather breast-plate and iron banded cudgel, and often goes about in a mail shirt, such is his readiness for battle. He dresses the part of his station, but with the reminder of the spartan and martial always about his person.


Despite his strict appearance and titanic reputation Roen is a decent man. He believes strongly in honour, courtesy and piety. He is strongly aware of his position, and rather than downplaying it or flaunting it he simply occupies it. He is Earl, and he is a legendary military commander, and so long as men take this to heart when they address him he has no problem. A strong traditionalist Roen’s respect is a thing hard earned, but held for life. He has no interest in the weak and no time for women, but if a man proves strength and character and has the good sense to treat him with respect he is usually sternly well pleased with their company no matter what their station. Despite his stern demeanour he is very fond of animals, though if they are ill behaved they quickly feel the sting of his tongue or hand.

"War is a profession, and the task of the warrior is not an easy one. There must be a fusion of mind and body, unlike the tradesman who merely uses his hands or the scholar merely his mind. Thought must pass to hand which passes to steel in the work of moments. But to be a great warrior, that is not a profession at all. A great warrior could no more cease to be a warrior than he could cease to be a man, or cease to be alive. The true warrior was born a warrior. It may not be his profession, but knowing him, finding him, giving him the tools to do what comes so naturally is the task of a leader."
Alvin Roen addressing his army, 1477 HC.


Born during a goblyn siege, on the night of Alvin’s birth the hand of Koroth shone extremely bright in the sky. The fourth of five brothers Alvin lost both his elders in various campaigns during his early teens. Hardened by the loss of his much loved brothers, Roen determined to become the finest warrior he could and launched himself into the study of sparring, riding and hunting. Alvin was married in his nineteenth year but lost his father and wife a year later. He took the reigns of rulership a year into his father’s command and won a series of decisive battles, even routing a cohort of the Black Eye in a pitched battle that may have contained a young Rasch Pachak. Alvin married again in his mid twenties only to have his marriage annulled due to his wife’s infidelity. Now onto his third marriage he remains heirless, but still vital and enduring. He has only been married for two years, and it is expected that his young wife Larissa, over twenty years his junior, will conceive soon and secure the Roen dynasty.

Earl Roen has commanded no less than fifteen major campaigns against the goblyns of The Forest, and all of their kind are very familiar with his banner and his name, and he personally commanded the force thirteen years ago that secured the city of Thairon and put Eldin Reise on the throne, and he was the first lord to kneel before the new king and swear bloody vengeance against the traitor forces. Today he maintains the second largest wing of the Veldt’s army, but his men are so well drilled and so confident in their commander that each is worth at least two of the other Veldt soldiers.


Earl Roen's political situation is a simple one, he is an Earl of the Veldt, thus he shares control of Highdunn's armies in a cycle with the Earls of Tireste and Rotheron, and served the King of Highdunn. Earl Roen has never married nor sired any children. He has a younger brother, Durki, who has a sizeable clan and is Alvin's current heir, but the people of Roen are nervous that they might be bereft of the line of Earls Alvin might sire. Alvin's closest confident is his hound-master [[norik of roen |Norik]]], an open faced commoner who Alvin takes hunting with the hounds. Pachak actually considers Alvin a personal foe, as does Mahadmar Kadar of the Killing Claw. Both would love nothing more than to defeat Roen on the battlefield.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Middle-Aged (46) Skill Points: spent/242
Profession Earl of Roen (3) skill value rationale
Faith Orthodox Church of the Dioune (6)
Class description (n/n)
Talents Inventory
Fast -1 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful -1
Hale +1
Strong +0
Tough +0 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +1 tool skill modifier
Insightful -2
Knowledgeable +0 attire environment
Perceptive +0
Wilful +4
Brave +4
Persuasive -3
Forceful +4
Lucky -1

Character Traits

Kashar Kar (2)

The goblyns of the wild woods hold the man they call death-hands in awe. They are terrified of him, thinking him some devil from their yurga's tales, and hosts have withdrawn at the mere sight of his banner. Of course, the head of Kashar Kar would be a great prize indeed, and Alvin grows old.

Last of a Dynasty (2)

Despite a number of marriages, Earl Roen has yet to do his duty to his people, and provide an heir. Has has had ample chance, but has always found fault with his wives. Some servants swear that he never even shared a chamber with his first wife. Roen is known for his distaste for women, but has this prejudice cost Roen its stability? Or does something else lie behind the Earl's refusal to sire an heir?