Alyr Uth Farron

Alyr Uth-Farron might not be a name known to many, but once learned it is seldom ever forgotten. The third daughter of a minor Dunsain noble family in Craigbyrn, Alyr is a legendary beauty, said to be amongst the most desirable women of this age. Giriff Soulrender, with the infinite cynicism of the immortal, knew that a pretty face could sway the hearts of men, and when the young woman showed an almost unnatural tenacity in pursuing his tutelage he chose to make her his emissary. She has served as his mouthpiece for decades more than her countenance might imply, and she has become a master of pushing the Sounrender's enigmatic agenda against even the stiffest opposition.


One might almost find cause to groan at this golden-maned damsel's appearance, for she is the very likeness of a thousand maidens in a thousand tales, and a semblance of her has been produced again and again by fanciful artists of famous romance, though all have lacked the imagination or the craft to surpass the reality. Graceful of movement and melodic of voice, willowy limbed and slender, with sapphire eyes and rosebud lips apt to inspire poets, before she speaks even a word the emissary has often won many over.


personality, moods, regular behaviour


upbringing, skill acquisition, formative events


friends, family, enemies, contacts


Race Female Dunsain Skills
Age Adult (76) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value rationale
Faith faith (n)
Class description (n/n)
Talents Inventory
Fast +0 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful +4
Hale -1
Strong -3
Tough -4 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +5 tool skill modifier
Insightful +4
Knowledgeable +1 attire environment
Perceptive -1
Wilful +1
Brave +0
Persuasive +4
Forceful +0
Lucky +0

Character Traits

name (n)