Amiaiele (?? HC - ??HC)

Like the Siele King Fieme, Amiaiele was known by the landsmen of Ahlonia as the Siele Queen of Sheil-Meial. The most talented speaker of the language of the trees of her time, Amiaiele was instrumental to the An-Heir war effort, especially in gathering intelligence, as well as being the finest individual warrior of all the siele of Ahlonia. Her tendency to work closely with Fieme led to the landsmen thinking of them as King and Queen over the siele. Amiaiele was born on Ahlonia well after the migration of the Heir-Kei from the starwood, and had little prominence amongst the An-Heir until the wars with the landsmen. Amiaiele fled the final battle into the northernmost part of Highdunn in the lead of the refugees of Sheil-Meial, and whether or not she still lives is largely unknown.