Native to the northernmost reaches of Haedrasia and the Frozenland along the shores of the Frozen Sea and Illyan Sea, Anabie are most often sighted about deep shoals and rocky outcroppings where they shelter from the chill currents of the northern seas. Here they cluster in small colonies, frequently lying just below the surface when not out hunting for food. Frequently sailors will see these horrifying little creatures riding along in the wake of their vessels when they draw too close to their feeding grounds, and because the creatures are universally considered to be bad luck it is an old superstition to toss a coin into the water to draw them off.



Anabie can be best described as a mixture of two animals. Above the waist they have the head and torso of an emaciated simian with small needle-pointed teeth and deep set black eyes. Their hands are dexterous and long-fingered, and they are covered in greyish oily hair on all but the face and palms of the hands. From the waist down they have the flukes and tails of a fat grey-green eel that propel them through the water, and their gills sit just below the point where one might expect to find the ape's hips.

Adult Anabie grow to a little over two feet in length head to tail and their arms are shorter than those of a man (relative to their body) reaching only to the waist. Their tails are two thirds of their whole length.


While their ability to poke their heads above the water might make the Anaqbie appear amphibious, they are in fact exclusively creatures of the sea, though the low placement of their gills means that they can surface for a prolonged period to watch goings on above the waves. They prefer the shallows though they are able to dive very deep, easily reaching the sea floor of the coastal waters to which they are native. Swift swimmers, they point their hands ahead of them as they go, and they use these to grasp the fish on which they prey, as well as to streamline their passage through the water.

Paying the Anabie

There is an old suspicion that the mischievous and curious Anabie will tear apart any vessel that they get their hands on - prying out nails and pulling apart boards and hoarding away these pieces if debris in their shallow lairs. However it is also said that they prize things that glitter and shine above all things. Sailors who find Anabie riding their wake and fear for their craft will often toss a coin into the water to draw off the Anabie, and they say that the lustre of even the meanest coin can drive the Anabie into a frenzy - fighting one another savagely to claim the glittering prize.



Despite their mortal-like appearance the Anabie are no more clever than the other animals of the sea - even less so perhaps. They are hunters who travel in packs, frequently preyed upon by larger marine creatures and given to hide from such large creatures in shallow rocky waters. Agile swimmers they use rocks and rugged sea floor to evade predators, but they are almost irresistibly curious and will frequently sit with their heads and torsos above water watching the goings on of the world above the sea. Given the opportunity they will tear apart anything unfamiliar in an effort to find food or shiny things inside.


Anabie live in groups consisting of extended families and tend to hunt in these groups, with sentries swimming a short distance in all directions while the bulk hunt. If a large predator does appear the bulk of the pack will attack from all directions - disorienting their attacker before fleeing for shallow water or rocky areas in as many directions as possible.

Anabie females all contribute to raising their young, and females generally have their pick of males when the time comes to mate, with the dominant female mating first and females of less status pairing with less desirable males. It is common for males to kill young Anabie in order to prepare a female to mate again, and so the larger females are often more aggressive when young are around, and all females in a pack will generally defend young regardless of their parentage. Males from other Anabie packs will kidnap lone females given the opportunity.


Anabie almost exclusively prefer rocky coastal shallows, especially headlands. They are strong swimmers, able to navigate strong tidal currents. Anabie are fiercely territorial, resisting the incursion of other Anabie violently. They seldom migrate, meaning that one pack of Anabie might well have hunted in a particular stretch of coast since the sundering!


Fast +6, Graceful +4, Strong -12, Tough -8 | Clever -2, Knowledgeable -10, Perceptive +2, Wilful -4 | Brave -6, Persuasive -10, Forceful-5
Unique Abilities
Aquatic | Lustre Lust
Infant 0-1 season -5 to all Talents except Lucky
Child 2-3 seasons -3 to all Talents except Lucky
Adolescent 1-2 years -1 to Tough, Clever and Knowledgeable
Adult 3-5 years none
Middle-aged 6-7 years -1 to Fast, Hale and Strong
Old 8 years -2 to all Physical Talents, -1 to Knowledgeable
Venerable 9+ years -3 to all Physical Talents, -2 to all Mental Talents
Basics Variables
Morphology Mermadine Length 2'8" + Size" + 1d2" - 1d2"
Diet Carnivorous Weight 18lbs + (Size lbs x5) + 1d3lbs - 1d3lbs
Cycle Diurnal Gender standard
Prime Sense Hearing