Anden Corovell

The most blessed Diounic High Prelate of Reddown Anden Corovell is an eminent and experienced churchman, and a vocal and passionate of dissidence. In the opening years of his fifth decade, Corovell is young for his post, which he has held for a little over seven months since the retirement of his predecessor to the Order of the Scintillating Hand in Harkfal, Corovell has the zeal and energy of his relative youth, and at the only gathering of the council he has attended he made a distinct and generally positive impression as a man who would spend the decades of his reign over the souls of the people of the northern earldoms bringing about changes for the betterment of both church and nation.


Hawk nosed, bald headed and sporting a steel grey beard, the High Prelate of Reddown is an imposing figure for his relative youth. His sky blue eyes dance with enthusiasm and zeal, and he is able to talk seemingly without taking breath. An orator of exceptional skill, he does have a tendency to become carried away by his own worlds at times, and overstate his case, but this is something he generally keeps in check, remembering the the stateroom is not a congregation. The High Prelate is an advocate of churchmen looking like churchmen, and is seldom seen without his traditional light blue vestments, which he trims with fox-fur on particularly special occasions such as holy days or affairs of state.


One would certainly describe Corovell as zealous, but never as a zealot, he merely has a great deal of opinion and passion regarding those things he believes. He is a pious m,an, given to prayer or divination whenever he comes upon a difficult situation, and believing firmly that the more voices unite in prayer the more likely they are to be heard. Corovell enjoys his work immensely and has made an extensive, some might say exhaustive study of the Book of Algomar against the source texts, actually unearthing some material he fervently claims supports the dissident approach to the Dioune very firmly that was conveniently omitted from the compilation. People generally find Anden approachable though he is quick to defer most issues he sees as beneath his current station to lesser priests.


Not a native of Reddown, nor a native to the dissident movement, Corovell was born on a stead a few hours out of Southaven, and entered the priesthood as a child, his father being a pious man and believing that a youngest son who was a priest would be able to aid his garnering the divh's favour. Anden moved swiftly through the ranks of the Order of the Blessed Remembrance and was quickly ushered into the ranks of the Order of the Sanctuary where he made an extensive study of the Book of Algomar and the dissident faith. When the position of Prelate of Daultin became available he was a natural choice thanks to his loyalty to Southaven combined with his affinity for dissidence, and so he was inducted into the Order of the Garden and sent to Daultin. Once there he quickly garnered favour with the priests of Reddown, which in turn earned him the post of successor to the aging High Prelate of Reddown, who agreed to hold the post until he felt Corovell to be a sufficiently seasoned churchman to take over, at which point the old man had his choice endorsed by the Grand High Prelate and retired to the scriptorium of the Basilica at Harkfal.


Despite the fact that dissidents are allowed to marry the High Prelate of Reddown's more traditional background has proven dominant in this respect, and Anden has never married nor sired sons. His own family back in Southaven are still headed by his father Pieter, but his elder brothers Dolric and Edun are making ready to divide the old man's stead between them when he finally passes away. Anden used to return and bless the land once a year even as the Prelate of Daultin, but he has since given this duty to contacts in Southaven so as to maintain his presence where he is needed. Politically Corovell is well thought of in Southaven, and has the ear of Gavain Allarund whenever he desires it, certainly they seem to prefer him to the more enigmatic and unpredictable Solon in the south, though there is no antagonism between the two. Some suggest that Saemon Talabren was instrumental in getting Corovell his post in Daultin, and while it is true their careers parallel in terms of time and order there is no hard evidence of anything but casual acquaintance between the two men. Anden keeps a small staff in Daultin, including the new Prelate of Daultin Uldric Mournayer in his service, and the council, including his former patron Sedric Daultin see the young man as largely ineffectual to their affairs, and all want to ensure that the priest is shown proper respect and favour to ensure a direct line to the Dioune.


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Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

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