Ander Deloene

Ander Deloene is the younger brother of Raenar Uth-Deloene, patriarch of House Deloene. As a result he is roughly third in line for the house's' throne, and the fact the he is 'slumming it' in such a poor district of The City as Ravvh is somewhat incongruous with his lofty position. In fact Ander has even dropped the 'Uth' from his name in order to distance himself from his family just a little, for fear of ransom or retribution. Ander is, without a doubt, the wealthiest of the local merchants, and oversees all of the Derelle interests in the western city from his home. While he is certainly not locally well liked, Saeven Highwind and the local Deloene gangers hold the man in fanatical regard, and so he has little to fear from the locals save the odd harsh word when he is on the streets or at his windows.


Ander is an unremarkable man, in his middle years he is squat and spreading around the middle. His hair is not as long as a warriors, and his time was not spent in service, but rather managing money, as such he doesn't cut the imposing physique that his elder brother does. Round-faced and thin of beard, his eyes are a watery blue and his chin weak, giving him a rather ineffectual appearance. But his skin is free of the plague scars that mark the features of the rest of Ravvh, and he is always clean and well attired. While it is true that Ander can't fight he is not a fool, a canny merchant and ruthless trader, his quick with is immediately apparent in his swift movements and intense stare.


Ander Deloene is something of a nobleman in exile, though of course the exile is a matter of duty rather than punishment. He is comfortable in the poor districts, so long as he doesn't have to live like the poor, and not easily intimidated or craven like some might assume him to be. He is a consummate businessman, and plays his assets like cards in a game. Deloene is not wont to waste an asset, and takes full advantage of being descended from a deified hero. While he cannot induct his allies into the house cult, he is always quick to remind them that his brother rules by divine providence, and he is here at his brother's behest.


Trained by the household stewards, there was no danger of Ander needing to take the throne of House Deloene with seven elder siblings, so instead he was given to his uncle, who fulfilled a similar role to that he himself occupies. Reasoning that he could be far more effective located at the heart of Deloene property he purchased a home in Ravvh and had it demolished and rebuilt so that it was suitable for an heir. Here he has lived since. Ander has never wanted to bring up a family in this place, and certainly has little opportunity to meet a suitable bride, but now that his years are advancing he is considering relocating to somewhere close and seeking out a suitable union.


Ander has to work directly with Saeven Highwind and Kaak'ra in the performing of his duties, but he also has a large staff of clerks based locally who collect rents and keep books. A warehouse a few blocks north of his home is where he stores the goods he trades with the locals, mainly preserved foodstuffs and building materials, which he stockpiles to keep demand and prices high - but never prohibitively. He has no close lieutenants, and promising staff are usually sent back to his brother Raenar Uth-Deloene for use in the family's ancestral home. Of his siblings six survive, three brothers and three sisters, most of whom are either knights bachelor or ladies of the court. His eldest brother, Balden, is well decorated and making headway into taking his own domain in the lowlands of Lammornia.


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