Anduin Derrowmere

As the Black Baron’s lieutenant and the commander of the boarder patrols of Maethas, as well as one of the few surviving original conspirators, Anduin Derrowmere wields considerable influence throughout the fledgling nation of Maethas. Anduin was commander of the inner city uprising during the Maethian Coup, and while Kessel was put in touch with him through a series of contacts, no one has ever made it clear quite what Derrowmeire did before the coup.


Derrowmere is a short, stocky man with a mass of dark, matted hair all over his body and a bald pate. He has cruel features, with thick, heavy brows and large eyes that display a great deal of white. His eyes become even wider and wilder when he is angry. While he is broad and spreading at the gut Anduin is deceptively fast and often the victims of his rage feel his knife in their gut or his club cracking their skull before they even detect danger. Even aside from his speed with his signature, and rather barbaric, notched club Anduin is an unremarkable but utterly ruthless warrior, and as a leader his reputation for cruelty coupled with an almost unblemished military record make the sorties he leads especially dangerous.

"The Baron, he meets me through a mate, right, and he says to me that he needs a way outa the city fast. So I tells him that I know a way to do that. And he says the whole guard is a'gonna be after him. And I'm wondering what he's got in mind, but I still says I can do that. And he asks me how, and I says that a mighty noble feller like him wouldn't want to hear the details, and he looks at me, like this long stare, and he looks sad and then he just pays me and goes. But I never knew what he was doing. He never told me I'd not go back. And now we're here in this place, and he's holed up in his fort, and I'm left to keep these folk in order. Don't mistake, this is my town."
Derrowmere on the Maethian Coup, 1476 HC.


Despite his seemingly beastial nature and fierce reputation Anduin is a cunning man, and knows that on the Maethian Arm no man can throw his weight too heavily. He is not so confident in his own power that he takes unnecessary risks, or offends too many people, and he has never dared defy Kessel. Still, Derrowmere is clearly a man of ambition and it is he and not Kessel who appears to be involved in the governance and every day running of the Black Barony, and not its ruler. Where his brute nature is carefully implemented who knows where Derrowmere might end up, and he as well as many others seem to consider him Kessel’s eventual successor as ruler of Maethas.


Little is actually known about Derrowmere's past, even by his associates, perhaps because he started life as the son of a minor noble family in Thairburrough. Anduin was evidently an unpleasant youth, because he was disowned and cast out after raping and murdering a household servant, and ended up on the streets of Thairon. Here his spoiled attitude only earned him beatings, and he became tough and quick to anger. Rising up through the ranks of the criminals of the city, Derrowmere made a name for himself for waylaying night time travellers and opening their throats and then their purses with a knife. The weight of his stolen gold brought him a good name in the underworld of the city, but he was never very overt about his methods. As a result when he was hired by Kessel it is unlikely that the Black Baron knew the crimes of the monster he was hiring, just that Derrowmere could get him out of the city fast and without much trouble from the guard.

Since the coup Derrowmere has found himself able to return to playing the noblemen, and old habits have come back too. He takes what he wants, be they goods or women, and forces people to join his bully squads and help to oppress the rest of the population. Anduin is slowly beginning to see a way that he can proclaim himself King of Maethas, and he is growing very fond of the idea indeed.


Anduin is probably the best connected man in all of Maethas, though most fear him rather than respect him. He keeps a number of extremely large, violent men in his direct employ and each of these men is charged with pressganging a bully squad to keep the peace and enforce Derrowmere's will, and collect his taxes, which amount to whatever he may feel he wants at a given moment. His closest allies are three such men named Erin, Danal and Ponn, and the goblyn Ravi Mumba each of whom is exceptionally large and mean. Consequently everyone else in Kalis would like nothing more to see Derrowmere dead, and it seems like the sentiment is shared by the criminals in his old home of Thairon.


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Character Traits

Ambitious (2)

Anduin Derrowmere has always been a man with ideas above his station. He joined the coup in hopes of furthering his position from petty criminal to lordling, and now he sees a way to be a bandit-king. He sees the glittering prize, so close he can almost reach it, and he will not be separated from his ambitions, save by force.

Craven (1)

Despite his physical presence, Derrowmere, like many bullies, is a coward, and will never confront an equal if he can avoid it. Perhaps this is why he has not yet opposed the Black Baron. Still, in the desperate settlement of Kalis there are few upon whom Anduin Derrowmere cannot impose his will, and few he need fear.