Animal Training Skill
A character with the Animal Training Skill is able to relate to trained and untrained animals better than most, he can judge their mood, read their body language or to calm, cow or scare them. Usually the more wilful the animal the more difficult this will be. Animals can also be trained in the long term with this skill, and the character can judge whether an animal is trained or untrained and determine what orders it might respond to.

Key Statistic: Charm
Tech Level: 0


Restrain and Control

any actions that can be attempted without the skill

Beginner (1-2)


the primary action the skill is required for



Professional (3-5)


an additional, more complex action now available

Expert (6-7)

Advanced Training

an even more complex, often exciting or niched action or one that improves the quality of the primary action or actions

Master (8-9)


see above, but even more complex, and usually more niche

Perfect (10)

Perfect Action

an impossible, mythic, "magical" power acquired by perfecting the skill


By Animal: This enhancement speciality implies that the character is more used to or adept at working with a particular sort of animal. Generally this is an overall type rather than a specific breed. Examples might include: Horses, Cattle, Hounds, Goats, or Birds.

Pacifying: This enhancement speciality implies that the character is especially talented at calming agitated, aggressive, or frightened animals, usually by the use of soft words, slow non-threatening movements, and the like. He excels at getting an animal's trust.

Training: This enhancement speciality refers to a character's ability to teach animals to obey commands, or otherwise react to certain situations in the desired way. Of course he is still severely limited in what he can teach by the animal's own intelligence, but generally he will be able to instil these instructions more quickly and more effectively with this speciality.

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