Ruled by the Verne Ordinators since it’s founding some hundred and fifty years ago, the city of Aresfin expanded it’s territories by signing treaties of peace and annexing it’s neighbours, and while Ordinator Bairn Verne is trying to live down the warlike heritage his predecessors left him his nation remains predominantly a military power. While Aresfin remains fairly insular and supplies most of it’s own food and goods and is mistrustful of outsiders. Here the power of the shades is far more apparent than further up the coast, ancient ruins are sealed and watched by inland lighthouses on noble estates, and people seldom venture outside their homes in the darkness. The capital city and it’s towns are all very old, built only a few decades after the fall of the great Arumtharn cloud cities, their buildings are ancient bluish stone and their walls and keeps are solid and defensible. Ordinator Bairn styles himself the peacemaker and works to unite his realm through a series of treaties and strategic political appointments, the kind of shrewd politics not usually seen in Arumthar.

Region: Arumthar, Southlands
Total Population:
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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Locations of Interest

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Bairn Verne
The Ruler of Aerisfin, Bairn Verne is descended from a long line of Verne Ordinators. As close to a purblooded Kelorn as can be found in the Broken Kingdom, even the structure of the Free Ordinatry and Bairn’s title itself harkens back to the days of Kelorn occupation. Still, the Ordinator has made no attempt to contact any of the remaining fragments of the Kelorn Nation, no have any of his predecessors, rather the convenience of this familiar structure has made Aerisfin far more accessible to foreigners, and thus foreign trade, than any of the other lands of the Southmen, and thusly has Aerisfin began, albeit only a little, to actually prosper.