Aril Kiristforth

Aril Kiristforth is the current leader of the resistance group known as the Kommeron in Reddown and is the biggest outlaw in the nation. The reward offered for his capture is currently in the region of six hundred pieces of Reddown gold. A king’s ransom. More. And were Aril’s dubious claim to be descended from the kings of Sigard proved true the reward could as much as double.


While he has proved elusive, those who have seen Kiristforth describe him as tall and lean, with a shaggy mane of wavy hair and a close beard. He is young, perhaps only approaching his third decade, and his features are powerful and noble, with a square jaw and piercing blue eyes. Aril has a booming voice and a commanding roar when he wants to be heard, but as his reputation says he has a talent for disappearing and moving about unnoticed. He usually dresses in layers of cotton and linen topped with a heavy leather greatcoat and a hooded weather cloak and scarf around his face. The Kommeron and their agents promote the legend of his being lethal in a knife fight and most of the military warn that he keeps his knives constantly coated in stoneflower sap.


Rumours of the Komnmeron leader’s personality vary, some say he a cruel and vicious man, ruthless in his attacks and brutal to his enemies. His foes paint him as a power-mad sadist, driven by greed and a lust for power and advancement. They say that he froths and rages at the occupation and wants to free Sigard to his control and his law no matter who has to die for it. His supporters and especially members of the Kommeron call him a hero and saviour, fighting to throw off the cruel yolk of the oppressing Earls, he is a kind and generous man, who fights for the people. In either case a few things are known for sure about Aril: he keeps no slaves, nor do any of the Kommeron unless they do so to maintain the secrecy of their identities; he is a deeply pious man, praying daily, seeking blessing of priests wherever he travels and scrying for augrey from the divh in the manner of a priest to guide his actions; and Aril has openly condemned the Stewards of Sigard for their open cooperation with the Earls' Council. Whether he desires to replace the line of Stewards himself or to put his own Steward on the throne, or most radically to give the nation to the merchants is a matter of debate, but he has made himself no friend of Simon Dranshen, wherein he may otherwise have found a powerful ally.


Aril was brought up in the Kommeron, his father Fawk was the previous leader, but he fell during an ambush led by Davin Vaun himself only a couple of winters ago. Aril has lived his life as an outlaw and an insurgent icon, learning all he knows in hiding on the streets of the cities of Reddown. Some people say that he worked for the infamous T’Ovari, others say he learned to keep hidden in Highdunn with an ancient order of monks, others say he fought in territory wars with goblyns as a slave. His past remains a mystery.


A few of his lieutenants are also known to the people of Reddown, from the posters that adorn the streets of Lierkist for the most part. His closest lieutenant is Shaene, a giant of a man with a great long beard and a fearsome disposition. Possessed of prodigious strength and the ability to survive seemingly fatal wounds, he is the right arm of the Kommeron, and commands in skirmishes. More than once he has been thought dead until his foes cannot find his body, and he re-appears months later. Kristopher Masarch is the descendant of the old Baronet of Lierkist, and he is the light of the Kommeron, the one man whose lineage is undeniable. All men speak of him as broad, fair and noble in appearance.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Mature (19) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession Kommeron Leader (2) skill value rationale
Faith Orthodox Church of the Dioune (8)
Class Bandit Rebel (0/6)
Talents Inventory
Fast +2 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful +2
Hale +0
Strong +0
Tough +2 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +0 tool cap test
Insightful -2
Knowledgeable -2 attire environment
Perceptive +0
Wilful +0
Brave +2
Persuasive +0
Forceful +2
Lucky +0

Character Traits

Chosen by the Dioune (1)

Aril Kiristforth has a profound and overriding belief that he has been chosen by the Dioune to liberate Sigard, and restore it to sovereignty. This has given him a profound piety and self-assuredness, but too often he uses it as justification for terrible things that make the blood of even his followers run cold. He is chosen for a task, and in its pursuit he can do no wrong, for in laxity and mercy he would betray the very divh.

Bloody Highwayman or Liberating Hero? (3)

Opinion over exactly what Kiristforth and the Kommeron are is fiercely divided: some call him a liberator, hero, and freedom fighter who seeks to restore the Sigard of old, but others - not exclusively the northern conquerors - see him as an opportunist, a criminal, and a murderer excusing his bloody misdeeds with noble sentiment.