Situated in the far west of the continent of Nardaan, Arkenrecht (ARR-kin-rect) is the largest land on the northern continent, but the vast bulk of its land lies beyond the Nachtrekts, in the eternal night. Ruled by tribes of Kardes, where they are coldly noble in the east, here they cling to their civilization only by a fingertip, and war almost perpetually amongst themselves. Unnaturally pale, even for the Kardes, they forge savage paired fighting knives from the eternal ice of the mountains, and despite their great stature they pass almost invisibly through the white plains. Only their division saves Meldoki from what would surely be a fast and bloody conquest.

Tech Code: 1
Governments: Various warrior lodges of Kardes.
Religions: The Arken Karda
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain: Mountains, Sea.
Primary Languages: Arken
Major Settlements: none


Physical Geography

Occupying perhaps a third of the entire continent of Nardaan, Arkenrecht is a land of great size, but little diversity. Almost entirely rocky frozen plains leading up towards towering mountains that cast their perpetual shadow well past the northern coast, the only real difference here is whether or not the lands see the light of day.

Setting Trait (2): A Hidden Horde Arkenrecht may seem like a vast, abandoned wilderness to a traveller at first glance. But what he might be missing is the telltale sign of a primitive warrior culture, masters of covering their tracks. Its neighbours look to Arkenrecht and see a few troublesome tribes of raiders harrowing their borders. Dangerous, yes, but hardly a threat. What they fail to see is that if the tribes were ever to unite rather than picking off one another, that a united Arkenrecht would be an unstoppable army of savage giants tens of thousands strong.

Political Geography

Arkenrecht is united by the great conclave of the tribes, an annual gathering of all of the leaders of the clans at a secret place in the heart of the mountains that reminds them that they are a nation, together.

Social Geography

Life in Arkenrecht is largely tribal, with the various nomadic Arkenman tribes moving from place to place, gathering food, furs, and all of those goods they they need to live in these harsh lands. And also make war on the Ogres of the mountains, and those other worse creatures that call the wilds of the Nachtrecht home. They are hunters and live off the natural bounty of the land, what little there is to be had. Groves nut-bearing plants supplement their diets of caribou, and bear meat. These savages have had to fight to live for nearly a thousand years, and they have become are experts at hunting this prey, almost unnaturally fierce warriors, and foes as cold and unforgiving as the eternal winter. Their powerful dagger-bows and viciously hooked fighting knives have given them quite a reputation as stealthy and uncaring murderers, and indeed there is ample evidence that, in a particularly long winter, they have not only slain intruders, but made a grisly meal of them. Some even use the flayed hides of men who have wandered too deep into their territory to patch their tents.

The Karda in Arkenrecht

Perhaps the Arkenmen are the last remnant of the tribe that would birth the Caliban, for they are more savage and less in tune with the Karda than their eastern forebears, but they are doubtless still ruled by the Karda, and by the need to aggrandize the many, rather than the few.

Setting Trait (3): Hate the Regressor The Arkenmen are Kardes by only the narrowest, most tenuous of threads. They are a stark and affronting reminder to all Kardes that there is kinship between they and the ravening, mindless monstrosities that are the worst failure of the ogiere race. But worse still, they are indisputable evidence that the backslide to that kind of savagery is a short one, perhaps flowing in the veins of the whole of the Karda. Evidence they'd sooner expunge than truly contemplate.


Abridged History

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Races and Nationalities

The Kardes of Arkenrecht, known now as the Arkenmen, have changed since they came to this harsh land. Different, even from their kin in the lands to the east, they have been isolated from the Barchak metalwork that makes the eastern Kardes the fearsome force they are, and are reduced to hunters. Survivors. They are fairer skinned than most Kardes, with long braided hair the colour of fresh snow and a bluish hue to their skin. Smaller and more agile too, their eyes are paler, and dart around more quickly. They tend to attire themselves heavy but crude furs over crude leathers for protection against the hardy beasts that dwell in the icefields. Making their homes exclusively in the shelter of evergreen groves, in uncured hide tents, under massive timber and hide pavilions, their homes are surprisingly warm, thanks to layer upon layer of animal skin insulating a small space.

Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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The Arken Way

The Raiding Life

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Diet and Eating

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Arkenman Attire and Arms

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Ice Daggers

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The Lodges

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A Raider's Economy

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Today In The Arken Fjords…

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