Arn The Vehement Uth Vernem

Patriarch of House Andavallis, the Prince-Canon Arn 'the Vehement' Uth-Vernem rules the fief of Eresgard in Coulbaigh. The Prince-Canon of the City of Tombs is the hereditary and traditional leader of the Shaeish arm of the church of Ralstaa, and while his family role was long ago usurped by the centrality of the Royal University, his influence still extends throughout Coulbaigh and beyond. As a direct result he exercises a great influence over the newly fanatical cities of Tohl Dannis and Tohl Rhuen and over Queen Gweneth, though she is certainly aware to a healthy extent that The Eminent Prince-Canon of Eresgard is merely a man and not some conduit to divinity as he might have her believe.


appearance, voice, mannerisms, clothes and trappings


personality, moods, regular behavior


upbringing, skill acquisition, formative events


friends, family, enemies, contacts


Race sex race Skills
Age category (n) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value rationale
Faith faith (n)
Class description (n/n)
Talents Inventory
Fast n weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful n
Hale n
Strong n
Tough n armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever n tool cap test
Insightful n
Knowledgeable n attire environment
Perceptive n
Wilful n
Brave n
Persuasive n
Forceful n
Lucky n

Character Traits

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