Arren Taloth

Arren Taloth, Thane of Surrowdar in Cannavin, and patriarch of House Taloth is a man of middle years with prematurely white hair, heavily lined features and gentility not found in most northerners, though he remains a staunch traditionalist. He is proud and outwardly lordly, but ultimately kind-hearted, and prefers to leave people to themselves.


Once tall, if slim, long-limbed, and svelte, age has rounded the Baron of Tael's shoulders and it weighs upon him and makes him stoop. The lines of his limbs have gone from the dangerous angles of a warrior into the softer curve of back common to an old man, and he has grown thin, though not yet frail. His olive skin is becoming thin, and his emerald eyes are beginning to grow dull. It is not so much that Arren has succumbed to age as it is that he will very soon. Arren Taloth has kind eyes, and a smile that speaks of patience and wisdom. The Baron's voice is rich, low, and strong. The voice of a much younger man, with strength that his body would have shared in its youth. He attires himself in the manner of any knight of the realm, with heraldic tabard worn over a fur-lined gown that protects against the sometimes brutal cold snaps that can sometimes roll in over the sea.


Arren enjoys being liked by his subjects, and works hard to maintain his people’s affection and respect rather than cultivate their fear, though this has never extended to his children, of whom he has the highest expectations, and little patience for disobedience of idleness. He has learned much by observing, and is a man who is capable of reaching the heart of a matter, and trying to do what is best for all parties. A lack of foolish pride has come with age, but is also true to his character. The Baron's even handed, sensible council is prized by many, and his patience, calm and thoughtfulness are widely admired.


Arren was the only heir of his father, Alaric, and spent his early years in the libraries and woods of Brooke-Taloth Hold. Like all orthodox kings of the High Kingdom, when Arren came of age he did his duty to his monarch, then Agrivar Uth-Rallis, as a page and then further service as a knight bachelor before he eventually came to the throne of Tael. By then he had competed at tourney some eight times, married the Caldaran lady Rhiannon of House Gaeowyn, and served in two minor skirmishes directly under the Elandelé Uth-Caldare. While his military career was never distinguished, it was successful, and he earned a name for being a careful and talented strategist, and one of the finer diplomats at the Prince of Caldare's disposal. He had also formed an indelible bond with his reeve Fearghus, who had travelled with him since his knightly years.

When he settled back in Tael, Arren's reputation as a negotiator and mediator was already cemented, and he was approached by the father of the current Baron Voere, Angrier, and asked to serve as mediator and host in negotiations between many of the houses of Cannavin, who resented the Voere's attempts to fulfill this role. This has led to Baron Taloth being the heart of the political landscape of Cannavin, and even Balleymoore, but it has also led the Baron to put aside his house's interests in favour of this new role, where he could have expanded his holdings in Cannavin. Still, he did his duty by his fief, and sired a daughter and heir, Branwen, and a son Faran, before he lost his wife a little over a decade ago. Now in the twilight of his reign and life he has turned his sights to his children as a way to bring power and prestige to his house's name that he did not.


Arren's immediate family consist of his daughter and heir Branwen, and his wastrel younger son Faran. His wife passed away over a decade ago after a long illness, and Arren never remarried - nor does he seem to have much interest in the prospect. He is a close friend of Baron Siegfried, though the two do not see eye to eye on many subjects, both men are older and both have military backgrounds so when they are not discussing politics they are fine company. However the baron leans most heavily on his strict reeve Fearghas, his oldest friend, and his studious Senechal Duncan. Arren works hard to ensure he has few enemies, even amongst other houses, and perhaps this is why tense negotiations between Voere and Mavyn are often held at Brooke Taloth Hold rather than the supposedly neutral territory of Canneton.


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