Artair Of Edenel

Artair of Edenel is the patriarch of Clan Edenel, inheritors of Clan Craig. Despite the traditional wariness of the Dunsain of the Temple of the Sun, Artair is a devout follower of Rallah, seeing himself as a holy warrior shining Rallah's light into dark lands. He has become legendary because it is said that as a youth, when he lay dying on a battlefield on the borders of the Clanlands, Rallah came to him, lifted him up in her hands and laid her lips upon his wound and his claymore. He recovered within days from grievous wounds, and even today he carries that sword as a holy relic, and has never been bested when it accompanies him to the field.


Artair is a small, stocky man with fair hair and deep-set eyes. His nose has been broken at least three different times, and his jaw is square, and hard set. He has tight lips and a permanent frown, and always holds almost unnervingly direct eye contact when he speaks. He is profoundly respected among the folk of Craigbyrn, and many elder, far more eminently qualified noblemen and leaders have readily embraced the implacable Artair, because they are convinced that he is as incorruptible as granite, and equally free of vice thanks to Rallah's touch. His faith are apparent whenever the ageing warrior speaks of his divhi, for his eyes become radiant with zeal, and his gaze elevates to the heavens.


Artair is a determined man, with a stare that could kill, and the kind of mental and physical agility that is always shocking in a man of his age. He is seldom to be found at court, and is considered both a little obsessed and distinctly unhinged by many of his contemporaries, his legend and his achievements, both as a seasoned battlefield commander and a zealot, speak very clearly, and he is revered both out of respect and sheer fear of what this grim, determined man might do next.


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