The world has but a handful of wonders, monuments to the success of the mortal races in Allornus. The incongruously majestic Eternal Palace of Haedrasia, the monolithic bulk of Seafort Daranek off the Caldare coast, the fallen colossus of Kutsani, none are quite so revered as the Great Lighthouse of Assardan in Uludral. Shining its light out across the whole of the Bair of Suirene this beacon of civilization and hope to all the world was what Assardan was supposed to be. Now the people of Assardan persecute the builders of their most famous landmark, and it is a symbol of how far Irian culture has fallen.

Tech Code: 5
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages: Irian.
Major Settlements: Uludral


Physical Geography

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The Great Lighthouse of Assardan

At the mouth of the Bair of Suirene, directly north of the easternmost point of Sandour, sits the greatest wonder of old Iria - the great lighthouse of Assardan - which lends the modern realm its name.

Political Geography

tribeless rulers now occupy the ancient temple-city of Uludral, and the irians have been banished from their ancient temples, to found new ones in their irinos. irians are second-class citizens here

Asdsardan is ruled by tribeless who resent being disowned by their own people centuries ago, and so they persecute irians here, and profane the very symbols of irian civilization and advancement in one of its most modern, wealthiest, and most striking cities.

Social Geography

The Great Lighthouse of Assardan, which lends its name to the port city and nation that surround it, is the greatest ancient wonder of the irian world. In cloud its peak towers into the clouds, and its light, through a cunning series of lenses and mirrors, can be seen for hundreds of miles - some even say is is visible from every shore on the Bair of Suirene! But alas, Assardan has fallen from irian control, and irinos are places where folk are persecuted and mistreated in Assardan.

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520 D The Great Lighthouse of Assardan is completed.

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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Life in Assardan

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Political System

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Legal System and Enforcement

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Architecture and Construction

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Daily Living

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Major Industry

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Major Export and Import

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Today In Place…

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The Shattered Shards of the Irian Empire
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