Athar Uth-Kevvh

The patriarch of Tohler House Kevvh, Baron Athar Uth-Kevvh maintains extensive holdings in The Lights, where he makes his home, Templeton and The Rookery - the wealthier regions of the City of Lights. Athar served briefly as Marshal of the Tierelic Knights, before his retirement at the young age of thirty-two. Now in his late thirties, Athar has taken control of his families generous estates from a sick father. As a warrior Athar still serves whenever called, and on several occasions after his retirement has served as master-at-arms in far-flung fortresses, but he prefers the life of luxury to one campaigning through Ralstaa.


appearance, voice, mannerisms, clothes and trappings


Still a young man, and extremely successful for his age, Athar has a demeanour older than he is. He has a passion for hounds and enjoys getting out of The City to hunt, but his dogs are not pampered rabbit hunters - they are hardened, determined creatures who have brought down quarry many times their size. When he rides to battle he goes forth mounted on a steed specially trained to work with these animals and takes two or three of his most savage hounds on long chains attached to his saddle. His skill with the wickedly hooked axe he wields is almost legendary, and he has always boasted that there is not a foe whose head he could not sever with a single blow.


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