Avaren Ur Carvell

One of the four Princes of Bradenthyr, Avaren Ur-Carvell enjoys the distinction of jointly ruling cultural and political the hub of all Ralastaa. Avaren is both Prince of the western reaches and steward over the birdman-ruled mountains in the north-west. This is an immense weight for a man barely past his thirtieth year to carry, but Avaren has always had a special stony hardness about him that makes him eminently capable of holding the lands under his rule together immovably and unflinchingly. To Avaren, a proud knight much decorated at tourney, there is the law, and nothing else but the law, and he lives by the High King’s law and his own knightly oath, both to the essence, but also to the very letter.


Avaren is a tall, broad man, a little paunchy in the advance of his middle years, but still undeniably powerfully framed. His hard face shows the signs that he is not just some ineffectual nobleman. His nose has been broken several times, and he still sports a long scar from his cheek left down to his jaw that he acquired at a particularly bloody tourney. He wears a heavy moustache to partially conceal the scar, but it has really become a trademark. His eyes and nose are hawkish despite the ill-set breaks, and his jaw and chin are square and finely sculpted. He wears his ashen hair long, and with his bushy eyebrows and indomitable stare Avaren is generally quite fierce in appearance. While he forgoes armour and trusts in his personal retinue now he is a Prince, Avaren never goes unarmed.


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