Avin is approaching the twilight of his life, he has already lived longer than he should have and the long ugly scar along his left flank attests to that. Avin is a survivor, he fought on the losing side in the bandit wars and lived, and even escaped retribution and prospered. Now his will to survive has saved his young ward Band Uth-Slaine too, and Avin has devoted what remains of his life to he family that took him in, albeit from a forged resume.


Long-limbed, gaunt, lined and pock-marked; Avin was never destined to be a beauty, but the years have not been kind to him either. His features are more aquiline and his nose larger and more pronounced than most of his kinsmen, and his mouth has a distinct downward turn giving him a perpetual sort of disapproving frown, and making a smile seem out of place rather than warm. He is exceptionally lean and willowy, but with the beginnings of a protruding gut, and his limbs are unusually long. His hair, already a very pale blond is whitening in places. But his eyes, a very light amber, are fierce and intense and powerful. Avin’s very being is defined by a brutal, indomitable willpower, a will to survive, to succeed, and few men indeed can match his tenacity, determination and sheer force of personality, which he wears indelibly upon his face, and in his posture.


Avin is a severe man, as a Reeve he demanded a certain respect, and even obedience from the staff of the household, and even his employers could never bring themselves to treat him as an inferior, and a certain grudging respect was essential. He is stern and demanding, and efficient but in a practical fashion that few Reeves in Ralstaa manage. Beyond this Avin is generally tight lipped, and respectful so long as respect for him is maintained too.


Avin does not speak much of his past. He had papers from several noble houses of the city recommending him for an administrative position in a household, and these earned him a post with the King of Kovarth. And from the place of master of servants he quickly became Reeve to the entire royal line. However what he has not let on until recently is that these letters were all careful forgeries. Avin is in fact a veteran of the bandit wars. Heinously wounded in the sweep of the Haules his indomitable will kept him alive, and he dragged himself into the Silver River and floated out of The City, where he managed to patch himself and flee anyone who might be looking for him. Now he has returned in much the same state as that in which he left, to find the slum-city much changed from what he left for the splendor of the noble quarters, but also to find a good many of his old allies in positions of varied power and influence in the shattered remains of their glorious uprising.


Avin is very well connected in Tohl, from Bandit Veterans who know that he fought to the end, to the criminal underworld who rose up in the wake of their movement, to the men who served under him dispersed amongst the slums of The City, everywhere he goes Avin has a friend or ally, yet the city guard and common citizens know nothing of him at all, and even the feared Citizens Militia don't know who he is. Avin has never had a family, the men and women he fought with and commanded were he brothers and sisters and children, and many of those he was closest to did not survive the purge after the fateful march on Rallah's Keep. However Avin is very attached to Band of Kovarth, thinking of the boy almost as a son.


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