The Roetian township on the long road between Kuromori and the Unchallenged City, Avion sits on the northernmost point of Lake Asari, at the mouth of the River Scolia. To the north rugged foothills draw the eye to the distant heights of Kadacus' Wall, and beyond those hills lies a golden stretch of parched promise that is the creeping Icari Desert. Warm winds blow in from the desert, while the boggy banks of the river make the soils rich, and so Avion is a rich and fertile land bordered on all sides by the almost preternaturally uniform walls of brick and bamboo framing bamboo copses, and hemp fields. Orchards and grazing land. Fallow field and homestead.

Region: Roetia, Haedrasia.
Total Population: 3,483.
Demographics: 98% Haedrasian, 2% Kelorn.
Government: Temple Dominion under Fanton Hextus.
Wealth: Wealthy (7).
Tech. Level: Imperial (6).
Major Industry: Agriculture (hemp, bamboo, apples, pears, cherries), dying and bleaching.
Major Religions: Imperatry Temple (7).

Though Avion is a major trade hub for goods travelling from the Roetian coast down to the Unchallenged City, its situation is less opportune than one might assume from a glance at a map. The town sits were the Scolia thunders down over frothing rapids, into sheer falls, precluding all but the most tenacious of river traffic, and the the lake is all mud flats and shallows where it approaches town. Instead it is the roads that are the lifeblood of Avion, the waters relegated to mere spectacle and occasional recreation.

Approached from the east by a shallow switchback up steep slopes overlooking the mangroves of the lake shore, Avion is walled and tight-packed town, bounded not only by modest defences, but also by its elevation, for none live on the flood plains of river nor lake, so frequently are they swollen with raging water. The walls are of the grey-brown brick local to the region, and flat-roofed buildings peer imperiously over the walls and down onto the roads that approach from all directions. People build generous verandas and heavy shuttered picture windows to avail themselves of these views, so that they might watch the comings and goings of traders and legions, or overlook the many festivals for which the town is known.

Celebration is the very heart of Avion, and it marks every holy festival, even the most minor scarcely observed in the very heart of empire, with bunting and gaiety. Avion works hard to keep itself a hub of pilgrim trails and trade, and such celebration draws travellers, which in turn lines the pockets of the folk of Avion. The locals are known for being wealthy, proud, and caring deeply for appearances and propriety of attire.

Locations of Interest

The Avion Bridge
Spanning the Scolia where the highroad leads out of town in the southwest, the Avion Bridge is well known in Roetia, and many travel to town from neighbouring regions simply to lay their eyes upon it. Towering over the high-sided gorge that the river ploughs through on its way to the falls before it reaches Lake Asari, the bridge is in immaculate repair, its stones veritably shining such is the pride of these who maintain it. A single massive arch, it becomes perilously slender at its apex, where it seems almost to float, weightless over the roaring falls a hundred-some feet below.

Escheroen's Outfitters and Marius' Fine Attirers
In perpetual and heated competition, these two tailors (located directly opposite one another in the western market district of town) are engaged in a sort of arms war to produce the most daring, beautiful, and original on festive raiment for their customers. They vie shamelessly to draw notables into their shops, and their prices are so exorbitant that even the wealthy folk of Avion mark it a special occasion to fully attire themselves in one or the other's work.

Notable Groups and Individuals