Tech Code: 6
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain: Flatland, Sea, Swamp.
Primary Languages: Vashri.
Major Settlements:


Physical Geography

Bakkar (bar-KAR) occupies the marshy lands along the eastern coast of the Inner Sea, where the Shanir's Bridge, the broad gulf that divides the eastern and western portions of the Inner Sea,and feeds into the Amari Sounds. In the north the coast gives way to the Tolza Canal which, along with Lake Akyanta, form the northern border of Bakkar. Everywhere in Bakkar there is damp, with boggy marshes making up almost half of the nation's territory. The plains here are hilly, while the broad stretches of seaside territory are almost universally coastal marsh, with mangroves and thick clumps of swamp grass common. The dampness in turn makes the summer and even spring months uncomfortable and humid, and the winter chill and difficult. Only when the autumn comes could Bakkar's climes be called tolerable to outsiders, and even then there is a bite to the air that other lands don't have, and people seem more prone to chills and fevers.

Political Geography

The denizens of the prosperous nation of Bakkar are Haedrasia's only goblyn neighbours, and it is clear that the Haedrasians still don't know quite what to make of the creatures. The Grand Satrap rules here unquestioned, and has amassed so much wealth and property - a rarity amongst a feudal monarch - that were his position challenged the nation's economy would likely collapse. But his actual influence is limited, and tribal goblyn warriors living in the marshes away from the bulk of civilization answer to no one but their chieftain. While the Grand Satrap recognizes the threat that these raiders and head-hunters pose, he has been able to do little against them in the deepest marshes, where they make their homes, because the land is as much their ally as it is his enemy. Much of Bakkar's energy has been spent internally, and where it could have been a growing power in the basin, it has instead been largely forgotten by outsiders. No traffic passes through Bakkar, there are no roads to speak of, and it is rare for foreign vessels to frequent its ports unless they have immediate business there. Even traffic up and down the Tolza Canal passes Bakkar, rather than stopping there.

Social Geography

Unlike their neighbours, the goblyns of Bakkar suffer little intrusion from the Haedrasians, and are largely left to themselves in their boggy homeland. The Haedrasdians have no desire for goblyn subjects, and little use for their drowned home, so it seems likely that Bakkar will remain unmolested.

Faiths and Worship


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The Kunjabba

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Flora and Fauna
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Notable Individuals

Rachii Peng, Grand Satrap of Bakkar
Enormously wealthy and personally powerful, the Grand Satrap of Bakkar and his family own all of the land in Bakkar, and rents from any property flow directly into the coffers of Rachii Peng. The Peng dynasty is a relatively young one, having its origins in the conquests of Ashiva Mas-Kujabi scarcely a century ago. Rachii, his father and his grandfather are Bakkar's only rulers, but they found a great many goblyns already in Bakkar, and these primitive swamp goblyns recognize no ruler, and violently repel any attempt to civilize or incorporate them. Rachii considers wealth and privelage his birthright, and has little pity for those who are unfortunate enough not to possess it. But he has great respect for those who earn their place at his court, valuing those who make themselves strong as highly as those are born to it, perhaps even more so. He has little time for mediocrity, and only those subjects who distinguish themselves and prove exceptional will gain even the minutest amount of his capricious attention.


Social Etiquette and Customs

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Arts and Entertainment

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Diet and Eating Customs

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Fashion and Dress

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Religion and Philosophy

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Transportation and Communication

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Common Pass Times

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Political System

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Legal System and Enforcement

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Architecture and Construction

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Daily Living

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Major Industry

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Major Export and Import

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Today In Place…

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