Band Uth-Slaine

Band Uth-Slaine is the last surviving scion of House Slaine, the true Kings of the Kingdom of Kovarth and last descendant of the bloodline of Slaine. Smuggled into the City of Lights when he was but a child, and thought dead by those who killed his family, today he plots his revenge against those who wronged his house. Biding his time until he can take from them what they took from him - their lives.


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Band's father, mother, three elder brothers and elder sister were all murdered by the forces of King Holt of Tarabat in the summer of YED 4057, when he was a mere eight years old. All that remains of his family is the household reeve Avin who not only escaped their attackers with the boy in tow, but has remained loyal throughout his exile in Tohl.


As well as the ever-present Avin, Band surrounds himself with close friends Bassa, Kell, Garder and Adrius Half-Trol and finding employment with Madrine at the Sign of the Cat's Paw has given Band the family he had taken from him. All outcasts of sorts, they have promised to help Band in his quest to take revenge against Holt and his agents in The City.


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