The capitol of the Earldom of Terr is the port of Bandar on the western coast of Ahlonia, built around a tiny unsheltered inlet called Bandar's Cove. The city is flanked up the coast by grey shale beaches rising to muddy headlands dotted with craggy exposed sandstone. Despite swift currents the cove usually have a orange layer of clay floating on its surface. Bandar fans out from its extensive docks. Really the last stop on the trip north before Halvesty, and as a result Bandar is an extremely important port, and a traveller by sea has no option but to make this a major restocking location. This has meant that Bandar has grown sprawling and wealthy, and Earl Terr has made sure that no major ports are built further north, in his territory at least. East of the docks are the largest slave markets in Ahlonia, even bigger than those of Cravenrock, where vagrants and indentured slaves are traded between merchants and noblemen, and here also is a large guildhouse for the Guild of Shipwrights and a fortified stone dock belonging to the Sigard Royal Navy.

Region: Ahlonia, Reddown, The Storm Sea Coast
Total Population: 19,500 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

At the southern tip of the docks where the land rises too high for ships to dock sits the Earl's Palace where Carel Terr holds court. The place was once the summer court of Henry Lander, and is opulent and decadent in extreme, but the seaward walls at least are extremely defensible, and the so-called slaver earl has ensured that the dungeons are imposing and rumoured to be inescapable. Terr's Doge is also the brother of the local steader, Edward Bandar is the many times great grandson of Bander, the legendary hero who founded the city by tricking a massive fish into biting the cove into the cliffs for him. It is said that the exposed patches of stone along the coast are marks left by the creature's teeth. Edward is an efficient and unforgiving advocate of the law, and any criminals tried in the Doge's court have little hope of anything but the maximum sentence.

The Prelate of Bandar, Alec Durance, has despaired at the presence of the cult of gruna extensively in the city limits, though they are hidden extremely well, and has managed to persuade Solon to give him a large contingent of Warriors of the Church to try to route out these heretics, but more and more he awakes to find dead fish nailed to the door of the basilica, and once he even discovered a pan of salt water waiting at the side of his bed in his own chambers - a common manner of conjuring Gruna himself, and he fears that the cult not only penetrates the wealthy freemen of Bandar, but perhaps also his own staff.

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