Bandit Profession

In most of the lands of Allornus justice is less than efficient, and even the mighty Empire of Haedrasia plays host to companies of Bandits in its draconian borders. And so, in much of the world, those wilderness places that provide respite from the laws of civilization, are full of bands of outlaws, intent on taking what they want with threat and violence rather than earning it with honest toil. It is a precarious existence, for if a band falls afoul of the wrong person they will quickly find themselves hounded by warriors, and in their refuges they must contend with those other beasts that prey on the fringes of the civilized world. But when they isolate their attacks to the rich or the unjust, bandits can become champions to the people, and find themselves harboured and kept by the peasants of the region. Too often though, they are not strong enough to harry the powerful, and only the weak taste their predation.

Regions: All.
Tech. Code: 1, for as long as civilization has had laws there have been those who have banded together to defy them.
Rarity: 4, the life of a bandit is unforgiving, and the riches it seems to promise seldom materialize. Only the desperate or ruthless would choose this life.
Social Class: 0, bandits live outside the law, outside society. Hunter one day hunted the next, they are scarcely better than beasts.
Fame: 2, dangerous men and women quickly acquire a reputation, as their threat grows, and people warn one another of the bandits in the wilds.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Acumen - 1 2
Awareness 2 3 3
Conning 1 2 3
Gaming 1 2 2
Intimidation 3 4 5
Marksmanship 2 3 4
Martial Combat - 2 4
Stealth 3 4 4
Terrain Survival 2 3 3
Unarmed Combat 1 2 2
Wealth 0 1 3
Value 24 53 78

Usual Trappings

  • A sling, short bow, self bow, long bow, or other missile weapon, with a quiver of arrows or bag of stones.
  • A knife, dagger or leather sap.
  • Sometimes a hand weapon, usually a short axe or short sword.
  • A hooded cloak for camouflage.
  • Rags or traveller's attire.
  • Sometimes a blanket, or assorted cooking utensils.
  • Occasionally a mule.
  • Occasionally a quilted or leather jack.
  • Rarely a full suit of quilted or leather armour.
  • Sometimes a few days rough rations, or foraged food.
  • Often dice or cards.
  • A sturdy sack or backpack.
  • Often a bottle of cheap wine or spirits.