Baran Stowe

Baran Stowe is a woodsman, trapper and fur trader, and a common sight in Markton, where he comes to trade pelts. Few know the region between Markton and his hometown on Peltree better than Baran does, and he has been hired by travellers, prospectors, and even occasionally Kings Own for his intimate knowledge of the region.


Baran stands only a little over five and a half feet tall, but there is both strength and agility in his compact frame. His dun hair is long and usually frames his face in dirty curls, and his piercing eyes, which seldom miss a detail, are a striking hazel. His face is long and his chin pointed, adorned with high cheeks, a slender nose and a light peppering of dark stubble. Because he lives in the wilds for most of his month Baran is seldom clean, and his hands and face often have traces of blood on them from the skinning that is his trade, and the dirt disguises his own scent when he is hunting larger game. The dirt on his face and the long hair make the whites of his eyes striking. Though he is no more savage in appearance than most furriers Baran is still clearly a denizen of the wild places.


Something of a loner, Baran’s family mean everything to him, and he often has a story about his father to share with those willing to quietly sit and listen. His responsibilities are seldom far from his thoughts, and the fact that he is a sole provider can make him a little cautious at times. He loves food, and has developed a keen taste for good food. Butchery and cooking are hobbies of Baran’s and between trapping and preparing food Baran can go entire seasons without work, but when winter comes he needs to seek coin again.


Baran is the son of a trapper from Peltree, a town less than a day’s travel from Markton. He was trained in the profession by his father, who was injured some years ago, and is now an invalid. As a result he is the only source of income for his father, mother and two younger sisters, and so he has begun searcher further a field for work, especially that which pays well. Baran has worked as a guide, a tracker, a lumberjack and even as a bounty hunter on a couple of occasions, lending his intimate knowledge of the countryside to the local authorities for whatever coins they’d throw his way. As a result he has been allowed slightly greater levity than most serfs, but he still tries to stay out of townships and stick to the wilds as often as possible.


Baran is a likable enough sort, though his work demands isolation for most of his life. His father Aden, mother Ranele, and two younger sisters Greta and Peta, all in Peltree are his only family, as he has not considered marrying yet, and the merchants of Markton all recognize the young man, and know him for his fair trades and fine goods. Shannon the coachman often employs his services when he needs a guide through the countryside for some venture or another, Baran keeps to himself, and while many might sight him drinking quietly in a tavern at the end of the month, few can say they've spoken more than a couple of words to the man.


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