Once the site of the inner city’s graveyard where the Ral buried their dead, Barrowdale has been long since engulfed by the city, but bad rumours hang around, and locals often just refer to the area as ‘the bones’ after what is so often dug up during construction. Locals have kept particularly ornate grave markers and some old cairns still sit in hidden cellars of some of the homes, and some houses have ornate and beautiful crypts as facades, or grave markers as cornerstones decorating their homes. Much of this stonework is actually quite striking, if macabre.

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Barrowdale is a lower class district like The Haules to the south, but unlike The Haules, Barrowdale did not suffer so much structural damage during the bandit wars, and as a result the buildings have not been restored. Generally three or four levels and of the red brick of the rest of The City, Barrowsdales buildings are crumbling, their roofs in poor repair, and often leaky. Houses are generally home to two or three families, having a story of a narrow structure each. Many homes and businesses have crypts in their basements, but these generally go unused out of respect for the dead, or fear of them. However the bodies that were once here are long gone, relocated in the case of those of great import, or else burned as is the Ralstaan tradition. Barrowdale is split by the somberly named Grave Row and Crypt Way, with Deresh Street forming it's north border and Dawn Street stretching away towards Templeton. Main roads here, as in other poor districts, are cobbled and kept clear, if not clean, with channels in the center to divert sewerage and beggars occasionally employed by the watch to clear the mess, but side streets are little more than muck. Like all of the north-west of the city, ground level changes suddenly and steeply, and smaller roads curl strangely, end suddenly and becomes narrow alleys, stairs and crosswalks frequently and chaotically.

The district is controlled by House Ellene, House Lerent and House Rein and has a presence by both the Rein and Ellene gangs. The population is predominantly Ralstaan, with only occasional individuals of myr descent, but the folk of Barrowdale are very accepting of strangers, and many settlers new to the middle city find themselves in The Bones. Sharing a wall with Caer Deresh and it's barricaded gate just north of the Ossuary means that there is always a rougher, more criminal element in the west end of the district, but the people of Barrowdale have learned to watch for the slummers stalking through their streets, and are not welcoming when they find them.

Locations of Interest

The Flooded Ossuary

The Barrowdale Asylum

Collapsed Buildings

The Sign of the Skull (cloud den)

The Sign of the Grasping Hand (cloud den)

Watch Blockhouse

Carmichael, Tradehouse

Notable Groups and Individuals

Barrowdale's watch captaincy is currently vacant due to the previous holder of that position being killed in an ill advised foray into the Caer Deresh Slums a month ago. An individual known as the 'Necromage' has settled in the region, claiming he can rid residents of Barrowdale of any spirits that haunt their homes. His prices are high, but is complex rituals seem to keep his customers happy. The local temple is run by Valden Cleave, a scion of House Cleave who spends a great deal of time caring for ancient remains with the greatest respect and care.