Barrows Street Bloodbath

The Barrows Street Bloodbath is an incident that happened some seven years ago in YED 4061 on Barrows Street in the heart of Old Man's Crook in the City of Lights. At a predetermined time half of the strength of Tohl's two largest House Gangs, Lerent and Deloene, marched from the north and south of the street respectively in forces close to three hundred strong on each side. The Lerents were led by Garath the Pious and the Deloenes by Saeven Highwind. The Deloenes had a slight numerical advantage and while many of their number were street urchins most were better armed. The Lerents were by and large elder and more experienced with their weapons. The majority of House-Gang clashes involve brawls with the odd cracked skull but this was more of an urban pitched battle to decide gang supremacy over the Crook.

Battle was joined and endured, with both sides having men hidden in alleys up the street to flank their opponents, and a few Lerents actually coming on ropes from rooftops and upper stories. As a pre-planned tactic the Lerents drew back towards the end of the fight, and many of their number seemed to retreat into alleys and sidestreets. The Deloenes, thinking that the day was won raced forward only to be caught in a pincer by the seemingly fleeing Lerents and surrounded. The Lerents looked like they were going to finish the gang off when the Ellenes joined the battle, and in the confusion Saeven met Garath in single combat and took the older man's head cleanly off his shoulders. The Lerents scattered in confusion, and the Deloenes only had time to finish off the Lerent wounded and collect their own before a large force of watchmen gathered from all neighbouring districts descended. The Deloenes were cemented as the number one house gang in Tohl on that day.