The sprawling, ugly port of Basaran is both the largest city in Lukaria, and a crucial stop in the supply chain that keeps the war on the Drak Frontier alive, but it is not Lukaria's capitol. Basaran sits astride the silty Vitrixian Bay, which is sheltered from the Gulf of Adebowale by a pair of shallow sand bars. They protect the harbour from the worst predations of the winter storms, but also make passage into open water treacherous. Basaran is a city of overwhelming brownness, with paving on the main roads giving way abruptly to alleys of cloying mud, and buildings made of mottled clay brick the colour of dirt. The city hunches low against the interminable flatness of the plains at its back, and its flat rooves and the unadorned functionality of its design gives the city a modesty and practicality that the grander cities of the east outshine in their crudest slums.

Region: Lukaria, Haedrasia
Total Population: 18,627 approx.
Demographics: 98% Haedrasian, 2% Kelorn.
Government: Totalitarian Theocracy represented by a Primate.
Wealth: 5
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry: Carpets and textiles.
Major Religions: Imperatry Temple

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