Basilica Of Thairon

The Basilica of Thairon sits just outside its namesake, leering over the northbound broadway, and serves as the local seat of the Church of the Dioune. It is a massive domed building of rough black granite with an almost fortress-like appearance and high walls. Under the greatest dome lies the great hall of the divh where the local Prelates meet to discuss matters of the faith and commune with the sibling divh Koroth and Aliel and offer up prayer and offerings to earn divine favour. It is also in the Basilica that the fearsome Warriors of the Church dwell and train to defend the faith, making their home in Korath’s Keep, which guards the only gate into the Basilica. Day and night prayer and song issue from the great domes of the Basilica and braziers burn incense.

The Basilica is made up of four lesser domes, built over shrines, dormitories and libraries, all of an extremely dark granite, and all with a great wrought iron pinnacle at their peak. These are built roughly at compass points around the central dome, which rises over the hall of the divh. The four outer domes are joined by heavy, high walls topped with heavy battlements making a diamond shape around the main dome. The single gate is guarded by a blocky fortress with two great towers. This is Koroth’s Keep, and anyone entering the basilica must pass through it’s front gate, into it’s courtyard and out it’s rear gate to enter the four seasonal gardens around the main dome.

The Church of the Dioune is devoted to the worship of the siblings Korath; divhi of the sky and of valour, and Aliel; child divhi of the earth and of fortune. Between the worship of these two powers and the defence of their faith, the official doctrine of Highdunn, the priests devote their time to collecting knowledge and transcribing it in monastic orders or preaching to the people from the Books of Algomar and teaching them it’s lessons about life.

No non-initiate of the faith is allowed into the Basilica without the invitation of High Prelate Theandar Marr. The Basilica is by far the most defensible and imposing fortress in the city and has proven unassailable on numerous occasions. It is also the wealthiest place in the city with vast vaults of tithes and holy artefacts and massive libraries of holy texts and knowledge of the arts of healing and war craft, all of which is out of bounds to non-brothers of the faith except on special invitation. Physically the Basilica is divided almost precisely down the middle from east to west, the northern portion being devoted to the faith of Koroth and the southern to the Faith of Aliel. This division allows for the completely segregated worship of the two divh for their own specific purposes, but also allows the Dioune to be venerated in unison in the Hall of the Twin Divines. The Basilica is built to house two large divisions of the major militant monastic orders of Southaven: The Order of the Fists of Koroth and the Order of The Warriors of the Church, in both of which Marr holds the title of Prelate, and is the ranking member in Highdunn. The Basilica has facilities to house all of the major religious festivals and celebrations for the clergy of Highdunn.

There are seven major holidays in the city, facilitated from the Basilica. Firstly their are two holy days held on the last day of summer and last day of winter respectively. These are Kormar and Arimar and both are marked with holy services followed by great public celebration. Marslain commemorates the battle of Mars Bank where the forces of the city watch repelled the attack of Braigh Mourdar, the giant chieftain and his horde. Reisore celebrates the founding of Highdunn and everyone vows their allegiance to the king, who spends the day out among the people. And the days of Remonstration, Ascension, and Victory are all celebrated outside the basilica also.