Bassa is a tinkerer, and when something takes his attention he knows little else of the world around him. A likable man with an immensely good humor and an infectious laugh, Bassa has had a couple of close grazes with ill fortune, and puts his continuing survival and prosperity entirely down to his Divhi, and he is devoutly grateful where a lesser man might be bitter.


Bassa is a plump but nimble man, hardly fat as only the most rich in Tohl manage to be, he simply carries a protruding pot beneath his stained tunic. Nevertheless Bassa is capable of moving with surety and speed that belies his ungainly frame. His jaw is square but narrow, his hair lanky but his eyes bright and alert Bassa is certainly not a beauty, giving the impression of furtive almost rodent-like intelligence only amplified by a plethora of shallow cuts scored here and there along his face. He tends to dress without much care and his clothes are permanently spotted with stains and little burns from splashes of this or that.


The thing that men might not immediately deduce about Bassa is his intense religious side. A devout follower of the Temple of the Sun, he prays fervently, devoutly and regardless of what’s going on in his day, at dawn and dusk. While he tolerates those not as devout as himself, he does have a tendency to coax those around him into his beliefs, and firmly believes that in some small way Rallah is always watching over him and keeping him safe.


A tinker and a fine metal worker's apprentice with an interest in mechanics, tools, alchemy and all the other secrets of the modern world and it’s crafts, Bassa never really mastered many things, but dabbled in as many his curious mind could possibly indulge in. Bassa is even an accomplished painter, sculptor and etcher. He brews ales in abandoned bathtubs, builds cranes and pulleys to move goods and is keen to dismantle anything he can’t fathom at a glance. Bassa might’ve made a very fine jeweler in his own right except that the one thing he most certainly never mastered was gambling, though being an exceptionally poor gambler never dissuaded him. After years of extended credit he found himself owing what might seem like a small amount of money to a group of men who would have no compunctions about extracting his debt in blood. Paid into freedom by Band, then a bouncer at his favored gambling establishment Bassa swore to repay his new debtor, with whatever service he could render.


Bassa is a likable man, and while he is little known everyone who has met the man seems to like him. Bassa's weekly card games have become an institution for his small circle of friends. However probably his closest friend is the massive Adrius Half-Trol who find the smaller man endlessly amusing and engaging, and thoroughly enjoys taking his gold at cards. Aside from this obviously Bassa's employer Band and his crew based out of the Cat's Paw are his closest allies, and of course the men to whom Bassa was so recently in deep debt, a professional gambler named Gand, who runs a game out of Ravvh, would dearly like the easy mark they lost back.


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