Bharvarsh translates roughly to 'The Goblynking's Riders' and they are the elite of the elite amongst the military forces of the Talthak. There are perhaps three to four hundred of the Bharvarsh, commanded by their Karv Hadib Un-Dondar, and they garrison the fortress of Cravenrock, and act as Rasch Pachak's personal bodyguard, as well as riding out on the goblynking's special missions, be that crushing those who rise against him, or seizing strategically important positions and items. The Bharvarsh are without a doubt the most formidable and hard hitting military body on the Isle, bar none. Their mere name makes even the bravest man's heart quiver in his chest.

The Bharvarsh have the finest of all things, they are rewarded for their loyalty with the heaviest, most agile goblyn steeds in the Goblynking's stables, who they clad in a close-fitting cloth barding far superior to that of the cavaliers of the veldt, and paint them with hand marks of blood red. The Bharvarsh wear mail coats split for riding, with fulls chain coifs and plate grieves, and spiked bracers and paldrons. Their helmets are omen at the face, and round on top, but with a slim nasal protecting the eyes. They carry heavy wooden shields to absorb arrow fire, and short bows, usually with poisoned arrows, but in close combat they use the paddle-shaped Bharvarsh Sword and both a sort of axe-sword-lance combination, with expertise and skill.