Sitting on the cliffs above the poorer district of Brickshill, Bridhe is the last and least of the noble districts in the inner city, and the lights here are mostly in disrepair. Houses are smaller, and usually belong to minor nobles or to moneyed merchants whose families once had addresses in Broadstreet. There are a great many shops here too that service the lesser nobility, though there are seldom markets. Freed stewards and other major household staff who have made a good living also keep small houses here for as long as they can afford it, but for the most part there is a high turnover of residents who want to make their homes in the Inner City, but quickly find they cannot afford the lifestyle.

Region: Ralstaa, Tohl
Total Population: 9,200 approx.
Tech. Level: 7
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Birdhe is the site of the City of Lights' only Irino, a fenced community of Birdhe.jpg roughly a thousand Irians built around an understated temple to devoted to Irik. The Birdhe Irino is the only totally dark part of the Inner City, as it was considered profane by the Irians to have the emblem of another divhi adorn their homes, however many of the residents of Birdhe resent this deeply, and want the Lord Mayor to banish the Irino to another district and restore the Inner City to Ralstaans.

The Lord Mayor Sharn Ghasta, a Ghan with a frightening reputation and a quiet, unnerving manner, makes his home here and conducts the majority of his business from his modest house on the very edge of the cliffs. A small but well guarded pathway weaves down the cliff side to Brickshill below, either as an escape route or for some more sinister reason.

House Voergard and House Faelener vie for control of Birdhe, but Houses Ghiere, Ellene, Coumbh and Derelle all have homes here as well. Birdhe is almost entirely populated by Ralstaans and Irians, but many households also keep northern Vargör servants hired from Ghanish merchants for their excellent estate-keeping abilities. Also they are excellent for keeping unwanted messengers and petitioners away from the door, but seldom walk the streets.

Locations of Interest

The Quarry Cliffs

The Brickshill Cliff

The Lord Mayor's Home

House Ellene Manor

House Ghiere Manor

The Birdhe Baths

House Coumbh Manor

Inner Citadel

The Birdhe Irino

House Derelle Manor

Watch Blockhouse

Notable Groups and Individuals

Dirrin Voort
Because Birdhe is largely an area of sprawling noble estates it is one of the least populous districts of The City. Dirrin Voort is the spokesman for the elders of the Irino, Sharn Ghasta makes his home in Birdhe and the Provost is Ither Ur-Van, a lifelong inner city watchman who knows the place like few others.