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Governments: The Incorporated Feudal Fief of Byrnham.
Religions: The Crucible of Light.
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Major Terrain:
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Major Settlements:


Physical Geography

Blackstone is a land of almost supernatural beauty, but it is also shadowy and foreboding, towering grey granite cliffs clad in the firewood and broken by deep chasms containing fast flowing rivers, a land of great seismic activity, apparent in the great rents in the landscape, in mighty geysers creating broad wetlands trapped in rocky basins, and in the mighty expanse of the firewood with it’s flaming boulders, soot-black blasted cliff faces and yellow-red clad trees broken by tall proud pines.

Political Geography

Since the passing of the Devil Dukes of Clan Valdur no one has really been sure quite who the legitimate ruler of Blackstone is, but no one seems willing to try and take up the mantle either, so the land has learned to get by without a ruler. Though it now falls under the rule of the King of Byrnham, who in turn owes his allegiance to the High King of Ralstaa, this light-handed approach to the governing of Blackstone has endured.

Social Geography

Blackstone is sparsely settled, and what settlement remains is packed into old fortified stone towns.

Faith and Worship

Rosker, the horned divhi of fire



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The Men and Myr of the Black Mountains

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

Aedric Uth-Quinn, The Broken Sword
If there is any real ruler respected in Blackstone it is Aedric, he is Clanfather and Overthane to the scattered peoples of Blackstone, who see themselves very much as a reunified remnant of Clan Val-Duraan, the original name of House Valdur. Aedric is indeed the distant relative of Quinn, the last Clanfather of the Val-Duraan before the rise of the Devil Dukes, and so holds a very legitimate claim to the rulership of the lands of Blackstone, however he seems content to fill the role of emissary of the King of Byrnham, and while he does not use the title he has received a knighthood to legitimise his position. As such he is both officially, and more importantly effectively, the most ranking man in Blackstone, and it is Aedric who co-ordinates the sparse land’s affairs in the name of his King.

Giriff Soulrender and Alyr Uth-Farron
Giriff Soulrender, Archmage of the Firedome, Chronicler of Time, Keeper of Prophecy, Primarch of the School of Death, eldest of the great sages of old has made his home in Blackstone for nearly two decades now. Though that is but mere moments to him. Thought to be the stuff of mythology by nearly all men, known as one of the right hands of Aulandor Rage, one of the most potent magicians ever to walk the earth, and older than the histories of the Mhulak reach Soulrender never the less made his appearance, living, real and not at all a myth, leaning heavily on a gnarled stick. His emissary and apprentice Alyr Ulth-Farron is more often seen than the fearsome Soulrender. Though history chronicles this legendary beauty for far more decades than her radiant face shows, she has still been with her immortal master for scarcely a blink in his history.

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