Boer Shenien (?? HC to ?? HC)

Best known as the first student of the High Warlock, and the first native sorcerer of Ahlonia, Boer Shenien is a dramatically important historical figure to the folk of the Isle. Shenien was the third son of a Margrave in Riala. He was a headstrong young man, who had tried to enter the church, but been turned away after an altercation with one of his tutors purportedly over Shenien correcting a number of the elder priest's scriptural translations. The charge was "potentially heretical speculations", which had been seldom used before or since, and even the church herself rescinded afterward, admitting the charge was largely meaningless and that the tutor's pride was harmed far more than the faith by Shenien's presence. Shenien seems to have also been of exceptional intelligence, and his father would proudly show friends and visitors his son's library after Shenien's acceptance into the Warlock's tower.

Shenien became a centrally important figure in 1275 HC when he spent a week at the door of Skyreach, demanding daily that the Warlock take him in and teach him. He was ignored and so he returned home, but the next week Shenien returned and for a full day he entreated entry. And he did this the next week, and the next, and the next without fail for thirty years. Finally, in 1305 HC Shenien came and did not leave, he merely sat, unflinching, and waited, determined to get his way or else die on the Warlock's doorstep. The Warlock may have been impressed with Shenien's tenacity, or may have just wanted the entreaties to finally stop, but whatever the cause after a full week he came to the man, who was dehydrated, near starving and delirious, and dragged him into the tower. Once accepted as a student Shenien was permitted to send letters once a year to his father, but other than this for fifty years Boer Shenien was never seen. The letters always told his father he was well, working hard and hoped to return soon when his teachings were over, but never disclosed anything about the Warlock, his training, or how to return contact. As a result Shenien wasn't there for his father's funeral, yet somehow the following year's letter was one of condolence, as was that following his eldest brother's marriage, first son, and eventual death, and so forth.

In 1355 HC Shenien abruptly, and without fanfare, arrived back in the city of Riala. Few but the eldest recognized him, but they claimed that he had not changed since they had seen the man as children. Here he briefly visited his nieces and nephews, and their children, before continuing to Thairon, where he presented himself formally, with a letter penned by the Warlock himself that said simply "Your court magician. By my courtesy. Norovis.". Shenien explained that at the behest of his master he was to use his powers in the King's service, but that he was no subject of Highdunn, and only answered to the Warlock.

In the following years, during which Shenien served a total of four Kings, he grew older, though more slowly than other men, and performed seemingly miraculous acts with the powers the Warlock granted him, including actually redirection a flooded River Thair away from the capitol during a particularly bad rainy season, curing Dane Reise I of a terrible plague with a mere touch, and sharing with the King knowledge of those things present, past and future of which no mortal man should have knowledge. Shenien passed away in the night on the eve of his two hundred and ninth birthday, but by then the warlock had taken other students, magicians worked in the employ of all of the great courts of Ahlonia, and his replacement had arrived in Thairon before Boer's body was even discovered.