Book Of Ahlana

This excerpt is taken from the first chapter of the Book of Ahlana, the second holy book of the Dioune. It charts the first arrival of the Dioune Koroth and Aliel in the world, and their ascent to Paras above. This is the first section of the scripture of the Diounic faith, with the first book, the Book of Hanna, being lost for centuries. Theologians speculate that this first book may have charted the origins of the Divh themselves.

In thee beginning of dayes fownde thee Divhides thee world and thee seas, and o’er thee seas happed they ‘pon thee dry landes, and look’d they ‘pon the hevans and look’d they ‘pon thee yrth and stoode they telle bitwix them ther. And stoode telle also didst they trove thee Giants. And nethe thee giants, all hid from thee kep of thee Divhides in thee hevans by their grette shaddowes, didst the divh finde man wat withal maner of beast, and they sleep deeply for they couldst trove thee light of thee Divhides not. And in thee darknes of thee shaddowes of thee Giants didst the Divhides trowe their minions, thee Terenshee. And thee Divhides were much wroth that these Giants shouldst stand telle unto the Divhides and press them upon thee heavens.

Now came it to pas that thee Dioune come ‘pon a land high afore the ground where replete ‘pon the land wer thee Giants, and here sit in trone their leader whom they naméd Ettin. And again thee Divhides were grette with wroth, for he sit high above thee worlde, and thee Giants and thee Terenshee, and these minions bent afor him as unto a Divhidere. And digne Koroth raiséd his smiting ryte hand and didst cal unto Ettin, and caléd him down from ‘pon high that he repentest his pride and falle ‘pon his face agains a sooth Divhidere. But Ettin refuséd.

Then cal Aliel swote ‘pon Ettin, and beseech she that he biwreye his false pride, and that before him stoode the goode and verray Divhides of thys land, and come down from thee heavens and press his hed to her palm, but agayne Ettin refuse. And agayne thee Divhides were grette wroth. And so Koroth, in wroth, raiséd agayne his ryte hand, and down come the mountain trone of thee giant Ettin, and Ettin was wroth but afeared by thee hand of thee Divhidere. And rise he from thee ruins and his twinne heads roar out a batle crie like thee worlde hath not herd yette, and lo did Ettin come upon the Divhidere Koroth in anger, and lo did Koroth come upon Ettin in kynde.

The battle of Divhidere and Giant was grette, and was thee yrth a’rent part, and mountains rise and fel, and in the est wence the sun is borne of wombe of yrth the trone of Ettin was but jagged ruin of twystéd stone, and his minions gatheréd ‘bout his feete and cried they for his victory and for thee blood of thee Divhidere. The battle lasted and lasted, but slowly Ettin was driven back. And finally Koroth raiséd his strength, and with the might that couldst brake the yrth he smote him off one of the giant’s heads, and a grette cry of despare rise from the giants ther asembléd.

And ettin was cowed, and he fell upon his face before the Divhidere and begged mercy. And Koroth, as is the custom of the Divhides, took the life and the head of ettin as his own, for there could be no mercy for such a beast, but before his fell ax came upon the giants did his sister come to him and say unto Koroth that Ettin had paid for his pride, and the giants had learned fear of the Divhides, and then she came unto the Giants and their wicked servants and spake in kindness, telling them that they must go below the earth in the great rents where the trone of Ettin once stood, and make their homes there, and never come into the light in the sight of the Divhides again. And the giants looked upon her, and looked upon Koroth and were sore afraid, and flew below the yrth.

An while Koroth made a trophy of the skin of the giant Ettin, Aliel went forth into the world, and looked she into the earth unto where she had sent the giants, and saw she the shape of man in the earth. So took she the clay of the earth, and moulded it and shaped it until it was the form of the man she saw in it, and woke he from the slumber that had been so forced upon him for lack of ther light of the Divhides. And Aliel laid her left hand upon him, and spake unto him, telling him he was father, first of mankind. The shaped she a woman, whom also had she seen in the earth, and commanded unto her that she be mother of mankind. And in father and mother she instilled life, to pass on to their children, and so on to form the race of men. And Koroth saw what Aliel had taken from the earth, and he saw nobility and beauty in it, and he gave unto father and mother a fraction of the skin and fur from the pelt of Ettin that they might have form like unto the life they possessed.

And then, with giants gone and mankind shaped climbed the Divhides into the heavens to oversee the land and to watch for the giants who dwelt benieth the earth beyond their sight. And never did the giants rise into their view again, but came the terenshee creeping from the ground and hid they benieth the tall trees that the giants had left upon the land, and moved they at night on the insidious command of their masters benieth the earth that they may be protected from the Divhides sight. And the Divhides saw not what they did, and they were much concerned, and Koroth made ready to return to the world and watch over it, but Aliel spake unto him, and beseeched him not, but instead that they give their vision and their voices unto a mortal below, that they might see what transpires and speak yven unto their people in the words of the Divhides and warn them of those things that would do them harm. And thys chosen voice was a daughter of mother called Hanna, and the men came to call her by the name oracle. And all those like unto her when she passed would also be call-ed oracle.

And in the heavens placéd the Divhides the stars and the clouds that they might have a way in which to speak to man, and taught they unto Hanna the way in which these things could be read and understood, that men might understand their will and do their bidding. And taught Hanna unto the people the ways of discerning the will of the Divhides , and these were the first of the priests. And they grew to learn and to remember and to understand through the will of the Divhides , and fell they upon their faces in obsequiousness before all that was the heavens and the Divhides, and cast they their eyes down that they meet not the eyes of the Divhides, and remember the fate of the giants who toiled in darkness below their feet where once mankind had slept, and rememberéd they the fate of those who stood telle unto the Divhides. And they were thankful and fearful unto the divh for their mercy and their wrath.

And so it was that the Divhides came to the world, and the giants were brought low, and the men of the planes raiséd up unto life and unto the light of the Divhides sight. And so it was that the Divhides Koroth the liberator and Aliel the chylde made themselves known to our ancestors. So I have seen it, and so I have written, so it must be.

Type: Holy Book (Treatise) (Church of the Dioune)
Language: Old Ahlonian
Authenticity: 95% (Difficulty 15)
Forms: Folio

skill value speciality value