Book Of Algomar

Where the Book of Ahlana represents more of a history than a holy book, the Book of Algomar forms the backbone of the Diounic faith. Based around the proverbs and writings of the Oracles August, Vone and Derian the Book of Algomar was once three texts, each an assemblage of a particular oracle, but the church decided that the book should act as a persuasive treatise on how to behave in order to garner the faith of the Dioune, and as a result it seemed more useful to group the three oracles together on differing subjects rather than read them separately. The book is merely an amalgamation of a lifetimes writings and accounts of speeches and conversations, and in no way attempts to draw any conclusions or detract from the authorship of the oracles themselves, but in this it still acts as an excellent primer in the beliefs of the church of the Dioune, and conventional readings form their foundations. It even contains an appendix penned by Oracle August himself on the correct practices of palmistry. The Book of Algomar is the source text for the Book of Endings, of Truths and of Tasks that form the core of the modern church, and paired with the Book of Ahlana tells a complete history of the faith of the Dioune since man's arrival on Ahlonia up to the birth of the church as it is today.

Type: Holy Book (Treatise) (Church of the Dioune)
Language: Old Ahlonian (archaic Trade Tongue)
Authenticity: 95% (Difficulty 15)
Forms: Folio

skill value speciality value