Book Of Malar

The liber maloris, or Book of Malar is the original holy book of the old cult of Malar, patron of the Malorns. Of all of the ancient books of the old faiths, and fonts of magical lore, the book of Malar is one of the most sought after, not because the lore purportedly contained therein is of rare power, but because in their purge of Malar's cult the Toldaks of Da'ak destroyed every copy of the book they found, and even the Malorns destroyed relics of their ancient faith, after the betrayal of their divine patron. A few abridged versions purported to be from the Book of Malar include the Ineffable Tome, the dubious Carrion Codex and in a chapter of the Aqemen, and both the Taali Papers and the Writings of Heruul the Mad Alchymist claim to have drawn from fragments of the Book of Malar.

Type: Holy Book (Treatise) (Cult of Malar)
Language: Malish
Authenticity: less than 1% (Difficulty 60)
Forms: Folio

skill value speciality value