Book Of Truths

The Book of Truths forms a triad of simplified texts based on the Book of Algomar along with the Book of Endings and the Book of Tasks. The book of truths seeks to explain the world through the eyes of the Dioune, and the place of man in that world, largely by breaking into categories regarding daily life such as the acquisition of wealth, the conduct of family life, the importance of the church, how to pray properly and numerous other chapters. Each of these has a collection of quotes from the Oracles taken directly from the Book of Algomar, and then a brief explanation of what these quotes are conventionally seen to imply by the church. The book invites no discussion or doubt of its interpretation, and for this reason true theologians prefer to return to the source material to examine just the words of the Oracles.

Type: Holy Book (Treatise) (Church of the Dioune)
Language: Trade Tongue
Authenticity: 95% (Difficulty 15)
Forms: Folio, Handbook

skill value speciality value