Branddale (BRAND-dale)

Tech Code: 6
Governments: The Incorporated Feudal Fiefs of Khaladia, Laurad, Stear, and Amarilla.
Religions: Temple of the Sun.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages:
Major Settlements: Caer Fane, Caer Lyell, Laurdale, Steardale, Sunmer, Thirdwatch, Tohl Khalad, Tull.


Physical Geography

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Political Geography

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Social Geography




c. -1020 D The Ral leave the Isle of Men with the other three last tribes.

0 D Rallah ascends, leaving Ralstaa in the charge of her people.

917 D Brand the Stonehearted ascends the throne of Bhriataig. The kingdom is renamed Branddale in his honour.
923 D Viran of Alendel takes the name Rallis and marches out of the City of Widows under the Royal Banner.
936 D Viran Uth-Rallis defeats Brand the Stonehearted in the Battle of Tarra. Brand is secretly entombed in a golem by his loyalists.

972 D Viran Uth-Rallis dies in Tohl aged seventy-one.

1110 D Carin Uth-Rallis is crowned High King.
1114 D Present Day.


Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

Her Majesty, The Queen of Khaladia, Morgayne of Dyskirk

His Majesty, The King of Amarilla, Albion of Thirdwatch

Brand the Stonehearted
Two hundred years ago King Brand XIX united all of the kingdom of Bhriataig, saving it from a dark age of internal conflict and evil worship with his strength, wisdom, and purity. A mere ten years into his glorious rule the armies of Viran the Unifier marched into the kingdom, now called Branddale in the King's honour, intent on adding it to Talladale in his campaign to dominate Ralstaa. In battle the two kings met, and though Viran bested Band the thing was too close to claim victory, and so both agreed to speak. But while they parleyed Viran ignobly poisoned Brand under banner of truce. Thinking their king dead the fearful nobles of Branddale gave their fealty to the Unifier. But Brand did not die. His most loyal followers took his dying body, and through ancient art persuaded a stone magician to tear his soul from his body, and put it in an ancient man of stone in some hidden place in Tohl Khalad, that me might survive. But the stone Brand proved unable to comprehend his new form, and went into a mad rage, and had to be put to slumber. The stone magician died and all hope of restoring the king died with him. Now Brand sleeps in a hidden chamber, though the secret of his existence has long become accepted legend. Now and then, when the need is dire, those who know where to find him wake him. But the find the once great hero's mind more and more fractured each time they pull him into the world.

Today in the Sleeping Kingdom…

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The Knives of Rallah, High Kingdom of Ralstaa
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