Broadstreet occupies the area directly across the river from Rallah’s Keep, north of The Lights. These homes are extremely desirable, though because southbound traffic to the Keep must pass through the district to cross the Wine Bridge, and the common folk often gather here to hear royal proclamations there are few noblemen of any consequence here. Rather the area is populated by those tradesmen who have royal commissions. The armourers who service the knightly orders, the house stewards and personal messengers to the High King, the tailors and scribes and jewelers and painters and all of those other individuals who find themselves welcome at court on occasions of great celebration live on Broadstreet and keep businesses here. The district is surrounded by walls that span along the north of Lantern Run, the west of Wall Street in Breakford, and from Broad Street to the banks of the Silver River in the south west.

Region: Ralstaa, Tohl
Total Population: 11,650 approx.
Tech. Level: 7
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

The Broadstreet Market is especially famous, on the fifth day of every month those individuals wishing to attract the attention of the Broadstreet tradesmen bring their wares to the market from all over Tohl, from as far afield as the new city wards. Here, rather than hoping to earn gold, they hope to gain contracts to supply the exclusive royally commissioned shops, or even to be noticed by an agent of the High King. People come from all around to admire the wondrous wares on display at the market, and street performers and food vendors pack the square in front of the western Broad Street gates. The market often goes well past sundown, and citizens from poorer districts outside the Inner City can marvel at the lights up close.

Control of Broadstreet is spit between House Broen, House Loerdgard, House Tarkaan and House Saege, and of course Houses Faelenar, Tarkaan and Naris all have their own home-estates here as well. Obviously house gangs have no place here, and the Palisade Guard won't let anyone who looks gang-affiliated through the gates into the inner city. Or anyone who can;t afford the gate tax. As a result most people are either locals to the inner city or have a noble seal so as to move about without expense. It is extremely abnormal to see any non-Ralstaans in the inner city, but Broadstreet, the gate taxes are not charged, there is often a few Ghans or Irians, or even myr about, and birdmen often act as messengers thanks to their great mobility in the city.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Cardoc Uth-Loerdgard
The Provost of Broadstreet is a man called Cardoc Uth-Loerdgard, a cousin of the noble line of the same name.

Loric Merryman
Loric Merryman is celebrated throughout Tohl for his ability as a jeweler, and his are the only pieces that Princess Sarissa Uth-Rallis will wear.

Adric Ur-Dane
Adric Ur-Dane is the master of the Broadstreet market, taking a small fee from every merchant who wants a presence in the area. He keeps a small office above the market square, and uses much of the money collected to maintain the square itself.

Majaarl the thief is known and feared in Broadstreet, his exploits are something of a local legend, and he has hit more than a few minor noblemen's homes and businesses and left his calling card: an Ikar feather, where their valuables once were.