Brooke Taloth Hold and Surrowdar

Set to one day rival Canneton, though that would be no great feat, the settlement of Surrowdar and the nearby village around Brooke-Taloth Hold have grown together over recent years to form a single sprawling settlement that promises to grow from a sleepy coastal township into a bustling city-port within the next decade or two. The large port town of Surrowdar sits on a sheltered, deep natural harbour where, on a clear day, the folk can see clean across the bay to Caldare and Balleymoore. The land here is all wooded plains, so the usual threats of the starwood are elevated, and as trade with Iria and Ahlonia open up more and more the township grows in population, importance and size. Meanwhile, perhaps a little under half an hour's walk distant the village of Brooke-Taloth Hold, capitol of the Barony of Tael, is joined to Surrowdar by an unbroken stretch of dense farmland. The pleasant fortified manor sits atop a low barrow, in a wooded glade, where a large pool is fed by a stream flowing in off the Caperkils. Those who seek their fortunes hug the coast, but those who seek power and prestige cluster here to be around the Baron's court, however parochial, and have their voices heard.

Region: Cannavin, Ralstaa
Total Population: 4,600 approx.
Demographics: 97% Shaeish, 2% Lleweith, 1% Other.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

The two settlements, and the intervening farmlands, enjoy some of Ralstaa's most pleasant and temperate weather, and so the soils are rich and so are the crofters. Surrowdar consists of a number of thatch roofed, wattle and daub structures, whitewashed, with dark timbers and shutters, built around the crescent-shaped surrowbai. Buildings are usually long, and of a single level, but at the waterside structures are arranged in rows of two level townhouses, with hewn stone foundations and high gables that house an additional space under the thatch, usually used for storage. Stone chimney stacks are also common, and a few houses replace thatch with yew shingles, or else incorporate a shingled awning on the seaward ground floor. Stone docks reach well out into the rapidly deepening waters. The light house and dock houses are the only real features of the town. Both stout, grey-stone bastions, they have the fortress-like air of all of Ralstaa's civil structures.

Inland the crofters' homes are long stone halls, with communal sleeping areas around a central firepit, in a hall that serves for both feasting and sleeping, and private quarters for the lord of the house up a narrow stair under the thatch, overlooking the great hall or walled off. Floors are regularly strewn with straw, and furnishings range from simple to ornate and masterful works of art. Brooke-Taloth Hold resembles these crofts more closely, though it has the air of a growing settlement, with a sizable temple just outside the walls of the manor, and a few smaller homes for master craftsmen, built over workshops, springing up along the main road out to the manor towards Surrowdar. The sprawling manor itself and its outbuildings were once two noble estates, slowly merged into one as the families are, and the buildings range from ancient stone blockhouses to new wattle and daub halls, joined together by half-wild walled gardens, and covered pergolas, all bustling with servants and clerks. The hold has its own pond, and a small wood on the grounds, and is entirely surrounded by a low, ill kept stone wall. A small walled monastery on the road between the two sits on a rocky outcropping over the road, and brings many young ladies who are eager to escape their lot in life and serve the temple of the sun to Tael, and hosts a generous apple orchard and a small but poor vineyard.

Locations of Interest

Brooke-Taloth Hold

Martren Hall

Old Brooke Hall

Monastery of the Holy Vestments

Surrowdar Docks

Surrowdar Lighthouse

Surrowdar Dock-Houses

Sign of the Cracked Anchor

Baldron, Master Glazier

Notable Groups and Individuals

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